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MIND D+ ICHOR 10(30)

Berserker is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. The Berserker code focuses on providing active gifts that increase a player's durability in battle. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.



A blood code inherited from a repaired Vestige core.

it holds the steel will of one who atoned for past mistakes and battled to the end through the agony of thirst in order to save others.

This code features high strength and endurance and its low ichor stock can be offset with heavy armor.


How to unlock Berserker and Berserker Vestiges



Berserker Notes and Tips





Berserker Gifts

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Gift Name Tree Type Gift Type Description Unlock Cost
Blow of Madness Light Active Increases the power of the next attack. N/A
Dragon Lunge Skill Active Dash forward and make a powerful overhead attack. An offensive skill performed with Two-Handed Sword/Hammer. 560
Balance Up Light Passive Increases balance. 560
Precision Light Active Temporarily makes it easier to stagger enemies with your weapon. 560
Royal Heart Light Active Temporarily increases resistance to being staggered. 920
Iron Will Light Active Temporarily reduces damage taken by weaving a barrier into your blood. 920



Blood Code Archetype Strength Dexterity Mind Willpower Ichor Stamina Balance Max Weight Mobility HP
Fighter Warrior B+ B C D+ 16 (36) Low 77 120 Normal Med
Berserker Warrior A D D+ D+ 10 (30) High 92 250 Slow High
Atlas Warrior S D+ D+ C 10 (30) Very High 95 247 Slow Very High
Prometheus Warrior/Mage B+ B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 79 103 Normal High
Mercury Warrior/Mage B B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 80 95 Normal Med
Hermes Warrior/Mage B C B+ C 24 (50) High 63 100 Normal High
Assassin Warrior C+ B+ D+ C+ 10 (30) Med 70 58 Quick Med
Eos Warrior B C A+ C+ 30 (60) Med 64 98 Normal High
Fionn Warrior A C B D+ 14 (34) High 94 250 Slow High
Survivor Warrior C A C+ D+ 24 (48) High 75 80 Normal Med
Dark Knight Warrior/Mage A B C C 20 (40) Low 78 102 Normal High



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    • Anonymous

      Ever since I got his blood code, I swore to myself I would use it the entire game in honor of our fallen comrade. Love Oliver still the best character so far (I beat successes of frost that’s how far I am still rocking that berserker code)

      • Anonymous

        Early game version of the Atlas blood code. Blow of Madness is a weaker version of Flashing Fang. Precision is good to help staggering big guys especially. Dragon Lunge is one of the few special moves with invincibility frames. During the forward dashing up to the jump part, but it takes practice to make use of it and not something you can blindly rely on working every time.

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