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Fionn is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. Fionn short description. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

Features high endurance and total weight. Its low ichor can be offset with tough armor.


How to unlock Fionn and Fionn Vestiges

  • Code owner: Nicola Karnstein
  • Received after defeating the Ridge of Frozen Souls area boss, Successor of the Breath, and opting to restore Nicola's memories after the final memory sequence. Restoring Nicola's memories will only be possible if you restore all Fionn vestiges before the boss fight.
  • If you don't restore Nicola's memories, you will instead receive the Queen's Breath blood code.
  • Fionn Vestige Part A: At the start of the ice mountain area you will reach a small camp of Lost one with a Bayonet, 2 with swords and 1 Suicide Bomber. Next to the camp there is a small pit, jump down and you'll find the vestige. At the same time you will also find the gate from earlier that can be opened from the other side. 

    Fionn Vestige Part B: After the camp you have a path that has 2 Lost wandering, 1 Bayonet and another Shield weilding Lost, keep going up and you'll meet a split. Don't go left and instead keep going up the path and you'll be met with Vestiage B on a cliff. Bewarned 2 lost crawl up once you get close enough. 

    Fionn Vestige Part C: Start from the "Iceless Falls" mistle. Head toward the area with ladders but take the fork without a bridge. On a ledge with a few lost and one burly lost. This is near a regenerating buff item.

    Fionn Vestige Part D: Upon reaching the Snowfeild Summit, you will see one of the big spiky gorrila enemies,
    head down there and in a corner you will find the final vestige. 

  1. Fionn Vestige I: Location: Found at Howling Pit. Gained after a cutscene for defeating Invading Executioner
  2. Fionn Vestige II: Location: Repaired with Fionn Vestige Part A and Fionn Vestige Part B
    Uses: Unlocks Frost Weapon gift
  3. Fionn Vestige III: Location: Found at Ridge of Frozen Souls. Recieved after a cutscene right before reaching Mistle.
  4. Fionn Vestige IV: Location: Repaired with Fionn Vestige Part C and Fionn Vestige Part D Uses: Unlocks Focused Guard gift
  5. Fionn Vestige V: Location: Found at Ridge of Frozen Souls. Recieved after Successor of the Breath fight.


Fionn Notes and Tips



Builds that use Fionn

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Fionn Gifts

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Gift Fionn Tree Type Gift Type Description
Perseverance Up  Light Passive  Increases fortiude.
Focused Guard  Light Passive  Increases weapon defense against physical attacks while
you are focused.
Hammer Mastery  Light Passive  Increases attack power when equiped with a hammer.
Ice Barrage  Light Active  Shoots a series of icy projectiles that bombard foes in a wide area.
Frost Weapon  Light Active  Temporarily adds ice damage to your and your partner's current weapons.
Red Shoes *  Light Active  Enables you to use HP to perform actions when you have run out of stamina.
Crushing Might  Light Active  Temporarily makes it easier to break an opponent's guard.
Grave Knocker  Skill Active  Slam your foot into the ground, causing a shockwave 

 * Denotes an "exclusive" gift that cannot be mastered. 


Blood Code Archetype Strength Dexterity Mind Willpower Ichor Stamina Balance Max Weight Mobility HP
Fighter Warrior B+ B C D+ 16 (36) Low 77 120 Normal Med
Berserker Warrior A D D+ D+ 10 (30) High 92 250 Slow High
Atlas Warrior S D+ D+ C 10 (30) Very High 95 247 Slow Very High
Prometheus Warrior/Mage B+ B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 79 103 Normal High
Mercury Warrior/Mage B B+ C+ C+ 20 (40) High 80 95 Normal Med
Hermes Warrior/Mage B C B+ C 24 (50) High 63 100 Normal High
Assassin Warrior C+ B+ D+ C+ 10 (30) Med 70 58 Quick Med
Eos Warrior B C A+ C+ 30 (60) Med 64 98 Normal High
Fionn Warrior A C B D+ 14 (34) High 94 250 Slow High
Survivor Warrior C A C+ D+ 24 (48) High 75 80 Normal Med
Dark Knight Warrior/Mage A B C C 20 (40) Low 78 102 Normal High



Blood Codes
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    • Anonymous

      so i lost fionn due the game dont give me the action to purify nicola for some reason when i was inside his memory, not lie, i round nicola body a long while before just leaving fron the door due there wasnt any action to do, well ****, not going to restart the game for this, im not going to suffer the ****ing hell called catedral of sacred blood for this error

      • Anonymous

        I defeated the successorof breath and got all the vestiges but I still have not obtained the fionn bloodcode.please help.

        • Anonymous

          For those reading the comments and thinking the game is bugged, it isn't.. you get the blood code from NOT RESTORING THE MEMORY OF FIONN. Walk out the door behind them.

          • Anonymous

            I got the first vestige but I don't actually have access to the code. I'm assuming that will available a little later in the actual story (as I have completed the Howling Pits but not the Dried Up Trenches yet), but I wanted to double check.

            • Anonymous

              NG+, didn't get the Fionn Vestige I from the Invading Executioner but was still given the option to restore Nicola's memory and got the Fionn bloodcode. You just need all the other parts.

              • Anonymous

                This blood code is completely bugged, if you miss it in your first playthrough you're *****ed since you can't drop the parts in NG+.. good *****ing job Bandai...

                • Anonymous

                  I still don't have this and im on my 3rd playthrough.. wtf? Are they ever going to fix this or they'll just ignore this bug?..

                  • Anonymous

                    I now have to restart the game to get this because there's no warning that this is the first "you only have one chance to get it" blood code in the game. :'(

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