Snouted Wanderers are hostile Enemies in Code Vein. They possess different skills and weapons.

Snouted Wanderer Description

  • Snouted Wanderers are fearsome enemies. They are fast and can deal lots of damage if they land a strike on you.
  • Snouted Wanderers are twice the player's size, grey and have a big distinctive trunk coming from their nose.

Snouted Wanderer Combat Information

  • They can attack you in three different ways. From the top, from the left and from the right
  • They can perform a three hit combo with all attacks coming from the top.
  • They can perform a three hit combo doing: One left to right swing, One right to left swing and One from the top attack.
  • Is vulnerable to blood damage.

Snouted Wanderer Location


Snouted Wanderer Lost Drops


Sword-Wielding Executioner Type Lost Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes


Ant-type Executioner  ♦  Argent Axe-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Bayonet-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Hammer-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Shield-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Sword-wielding Knight  ♦  Armored Female Lost  ♦  Armored Stone-Crusher  ♦  Assassin Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Corrupted Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Blue Flame Lost  ♦  Brute Monk Lost  ♦  Corrupted Stone-Crusher Lost  ♦  Dark Vampire Wolf  ♦  Elite Knight Lost  ♦  Elite Lost  ♦  Elite Parched Executioner  ♦  Female Spiked Lost  ♦  Fire Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Fire Totem Lost  ♦  Glowing Tentacle Lost  ♦  Hammer-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Horned Lost  ♦  Lost Knight  ♦  Mage Antler Lost  ♦  Mutated Lost  ♦  Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Parched Executioner  ♦  Punching Bag  ♦  Purple Blob  ♦  Recently Converted Lost  ♦  Sand Blob  ♦  Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  spear-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Spiked Bayonet-Wielding Lost  ♦  Spiked Lost  ♦  Stone-crusher Lost  ♦  Suicide Lost  ♦  Sunset Axe-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Sword-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Lost  ♦  White Ant-Type Executioner

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    • Anonymous

      I noticed this guy drop a queen titanium first time i killed him. i tried to repeatedly farm him and found he also dropped condensed shard (s). hes the earliest enemy ive ever noticed drop the rare queen titanium.

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