Blazing Heretic

Enemy Type Lost
Location City of Falling Flame
Drops Queen Steel

Blue Flame Lost are hostile Enemies in Code Vein that the player can confront to obtain Haze, crafting materials and equipment. They posses different skills and weapons.  Please note the Blue Flame Lost is not the official Blue Flame Lost and is listed as such for the community to discover and record each enemy type.

Blue Flame Lost Enemy Description

  • It has a dark body with blue lines. There are blue flames coming out of its back

Blue Flame Lost Combat Information

  • It can move very quick to either side and then perform a three hit combo.
  • It can perform an AOE attack throwing flames around his body
  • It can leap at the player's location while performing an attack
  • It can perform a charged attack that deals high damage.

Blue Flame Lost Location


Blue Flame Lost Drops


Blue Flame Lost Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes


Ant-type Executioner  ♦  Argent Axe-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Bayonet-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Hammer-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Shield-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Sword-wielding Knight  ♦  Armored Female Lost  ♦  Armored Stone-Crusher  ♦  Assassin Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Corrupted Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Brute Monk Lost  ♦  Corrupted Stone-Crusher Lost  ♦  Dark Vampire Wolf  ♦  Elite Knight Lost  ♦  Elite Lost  ♦  Elite Parched Executioner  ♦  Female Spiked Lost  ♦  Fire Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Fire Totem Lost  ♦  Glowing Tentacle Lost  ♦  Hammer-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Horned Lost  ♦  Lost Knight  ♦  Mage Antler Lost  ♦  Mutated Lost  ♦  Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Parched Executioner  ♦  Punching Bag  ♦  Purple Blob  ♦  Recently Converted Lost  ♦  Sand Blob  ♦  Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  spear-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Spiked Bayonet-Wielding Lost  ♦  Spiked Lost  ♦  Stone-crusher Lost  ♦  Suicide Lost  ♦  Sunset Axe-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Sword-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Lost  ♦  White Ant-Type Executioner


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    • Anonymous

      Let's put it straight.
      Those guys have high resistance against Stun and stagger.
      Those guys deals lots of damages (compared to what's around them). In fact, they deal more damages than the area's boss.
      Those guys have high physical and lightning resist, close to an immunity to fire and only ice damage seems to be effective against them.
      Those guys are set in area surrounded by fire and lava that deal 0 damage nor affects them, but does affect the player and AI.
      Those guys deals 2-4 hits combos quickly and their wind-up after each combo is around 1 to 3 seconds, giving way for 1-2 attacks at most IF you don't recharge you stamina.

      In all seriousness, I find dealing with the area boss a lot easier than dealing with these guy... Especially the one where an fire urchin thing comes rushing in if you move too close to the area behind it, making it basically impossible because of either lack of stamina or infinite stagger, hence the only thing I found efficient against it is to lure it to the previous smaller area and attempt to deal with it without touching too much the fire around it.

      • Anonymous

        High speed and if they hit you with the first of their three hit combo you will die cuz of infinite stagger and not being able to roll out. plus being surrounded by flames and you have a very tough challenge.

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