Ghastly Flesh

Enemy Type Lost
Location Howling Pit, Ridge of Frozen Souls
Drops ??

Ghastly Flesh are Enemies which are hostile NPCS in Code Vein that the player can confront to obtain Haze, crafting materials and equipment. They posses different skills and weapons.  

Ghastly Flesh Enemy Description

  • They look like a giant white Sea Urchin with many spikes.

Ghastly Flesh Combat Information

  • It will jump around dealing damage if you get hit
  • It will roll to the player's location at great speed dealing damage.

Ghastly Flesh Location


Ghastly Flesh Drops

  • ????
  • ????


Ghastly Flesh Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes


Ant-type Executioner  ♦  Argent Axe-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Bayonet-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Hammer-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Shield-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Sword-wielding Knight  ♦  Armored Female Lost  ♦  Armored Stone-Crusher  ♦  Assassin Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Corrupted Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Blue Flame Lost  ♦  Brute Monk Lost  ♦  Corrupted Stone-Crusher Lost  ♦  Dark Vampire Wolf  ♦  Elite Knight Lost  ♦  Elite Lost  ♦  Elite Parched Executioner  ♦  Female Spiked Lost  ♦  Fire Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Fire Totem Lost  ♦  Glowing Tentacle Lost  ♦  Hammer-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Horned Lost  ♦  Lost Knight  ♦  Mage Antler Lost  ♦  Mutated Lost  ♦  Parched Executioner  ♦  Punching Bag  ♦  Purple Blob  ♦  Recently Converted Lost  ♦  Sand Blob  ♦  Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  spear-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Spiked Bayonet-Wielding Lost  ♦  Spiked Lost  ♦  Stone-crusher Lost  ♦  Suicide Lost  ♦  Sunset Axe-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Sword-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Lost  ♦  White Ant-Type Executioner

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    • Anonymous

      So what exactly is the best way to deal with this enemy? It's probably just me but dodging doesn't work against this foe. Suggestions?

      • Anonymous

        this is called a frozen flesh, not a sea urchin

        the ones found in the howling pit are called abhorrent flesh

        • Anonymous

          The regular mutated sea urchins are found in the Howling Pit. The ones in the current photo/Ridge of Frozen Souls are a different variant. Probably "ice". Also, I think they apply Slow with their attack (the ice variant, I mean).

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