Mobility in Code Vein affects your character's movement speed.

Mobility Information

Gifts that affect Mobility

  • Hasten increases mobility by one (slow->normal, normal->quick)
  • Reckless Abandon (Louis Communal Gift) changes mobility somewhat below quick, to basically instant - instead of blue dashes to will perform short teleportations, followed  by red smoke.
  • Final Journey increases mobility by one (slow->normal, normal->quick), just like Hasten
  • Revenant's Ambition increases weight limit by 30%, which can potentially change the mobility if hitting certain weight thresholds with it


Items that affect Mobility


Mobility Notes

  • While at 100% or less of the weight limit of the current Blood Code the base mobility applies.
  • Going over 100% of the weight limit results in a slower mobility.
  • Going over 135% of the weight limit results in 2 times slower mobility
  • Being at 50% or less of the current weight limit results in a faster speed (e.g. 50/100 weight with a normal base will result in quick)
  • Being at 20% or less results in 2 times faster mobility (e.g. 50/250 weight with a slow base results in quick)



  • Mobility determines your dodge animations and iframes
  • ??



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