Fireproof Tonic


A small bottle of fermented liquid. Temporarily increases resistance to fire.

Fireproof Tonic is an Item in Code Vein. Items are used for a variety of purposes, such as consumable buffs, key items, and as upgrade materials. Items can be looted from Enemies and/or Bosses, chests, given by NPCs, and are sold by Merchants.


Fireproof Tonic Usage

  • A consumable item that increases fire resistance for a brief period of time.
  • Lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Fireproof Tonic Locations

You may find Fireproof Tonic in the following Locations:

  • Sold for 350 Haze each from Coco (unlimited quantity)
  • Depths: Town of Sacrifice
  • Ashen Cavern: In the part of the walkthrough named Ashen Cavern Entrance, after fighting the executioner proceed further into the cavern, pick up 2x Fireproof Tonic that's on the corner left-side and 2x Venom Vaccine that's on the right.
  • Crypt Spire: In the part of the walkthrough Crypt Spire Entrance you'll find a room filled with glass capsules and boxes. Destroy the capsules first to find 3x Fireproof Tonic, then at the right side next to the boxes and capsules you'll find the Warrior Vestige Part A behind the boxes- the opposite path is where you'll have to go next, but before that, go back outside and climb up the ladder. Upon heading to the top, you'll find a room with a bloodspring that's being guarded by a Sword-wielding Lost and 4x Lost Assassin - once you attack the Sword-wielding Lost, it'll call out the Lost Assassins to attack you. After killing the enemies, walk up the bloodspring and you'll find 1x Mistle Root.


Notes and Tips

  • Adds a flat 20 Fire Defense rating.
  • Useful in City of the Falling Flame and against Cannoneer
  • Up to 5 can be carried at a time
  • Up to 999 can be stored at a time
  • None of the elemental tonics are mutually exclusive. You can use any of them without cancelling their effects



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    • Anonymous

      FYI the tonic doesn’t work. Using the fireproof ability means you take no damage per second in fire, but the tonic does nothing.

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