Queen's Breath

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MIND  A ICHOR 28(60)

Queen's Breath is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. Queen's Breath short description. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

A blood code with some of the queen's power received from Nicola's relic. It creates a disturbing feeling that gnaws from within, but provides dizzying power that rushes through the blood. This code specializes in battle styles that utilize enhanced gifts. It supplements its low stats with gifts.


How to unlock Queen's Breath and Queen's Breath Vestiges


  • Defeat the boss of the Ridge of Frozen Souls area, Successor of the Breath, and do not restore Nicola's memories during the final memory sequence. The option to restore his memories won't be available if you don't restore all Fionn vestiges before the fight.
  • If you choose to restore Nicola's memories, you will receive the Fionn blood code instead.
  • This blood code does not have any associated Vestige.


Queen's Breath Notes, Tips and Builds





Queen's Breath Gifts

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Gift Queen's Breath Tree Type Gift Type Description
Cloak of Winter Light Active Freezes everything in the vicinity with an arctic blizzard.
Legion Punisher Skill Active Throw your weapon and make it spin. An offensive skill performed with two-handed Sword/Hammer.
Aurora Flash Dark Active Use ichor to create a freezing blade and swing it in an arc that sweeps through foes in front of you.
Revenant's Ambition Light Passive Allows you to equip heavier weapons and blood veils.
Juggernaut Light Active Increases balance and resistance to attacks, but lowers mobility and elemental resistance.



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        I’m order to get queen relic type vestiges, you need to not complete the Vestiges found In that area. Mainly, just skip past the little waifu before the boss fights.

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          I'm assuming that this relic is basically the Queen's lungs, judging by the icon shape. LOL You'd think that they'd just call it that, but whatever. XD Queen's Breath works too, I guess.

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            'this option is not available if you lack all possible Fionn vestiges.' I assume this means that to get this and the other special Successor blood codes, you do need to restore all vestiges, then walk out on them without restoring their memories?

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              So revenants ambition is the only way to increase your carry weight and if you helped nicola you're***** outta luck. And if you use hammers you need to chose between carry weight and hammer damage? So i need to go to new game+ for the most basic hammer wielding build? Who made this*****!?!?!

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