Queen's Knight Reborn

Location Provisional Government Outskirts
Health 49,000
Reward/s Ishtar Blood Code
156.100 Haze

Zero District version:
2x Queen Tungsten
2x MJ310
Mark of Honor
52025 Haze
Elemental Resistance Fire 20%
Ice 0%
Lightning 0%
Blood 40%
Physical Resistance Phase 1
Crush 25%
Slash 10%
Pierce 10%

Phase 2
Crush 30%
Slash 20%
Pierce 20%
Weakness Ice
Immune Inhibit

Queen's Knight Reborn is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Queen's Knight Reborn Location


Queen's Knight Reborn Rewards


Queen's Knight Reborn Notes & Tips

  • Can be poisoned/slowed/stunned. Immune to inhibit.
  • Will inflict leak status in an area of effect around himself while enraged.





Queen's Knight RebornStrategies 

Strategy Writeup

Greatsword Strategy

Bait him into attacking and then strike him once or twice if you can. You'll hit hard with this weapon, so it should go quickly. And don't be afraid to trade damage. Be sure to dodge through his charging sword attack if you can, as it hits hard if he gets you.

In phase two you'll need to dodge when he leaps into the air. Wait until the last possible second before dodging, and then strike him as you come out of your dodge.

In the last phase he'll start porting around and he'll strike at you repeatedly when he jumps into the air. Try to dodge 2 or 3 times in a row, and when you come out of your last dodge, roll out of the blood trail you'll be standing in.

Lastly, try to time your skills when he comes out of long attack animations so that he cannot interrupt you. If you time them right, you will dive under his first swing and then jump over his second.


Video Strategy

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Dash Attack For this attack, this boss will perform a dash attack from afar allowing it to close the gap. It can be dodged by rolling left or right and follow up with an attack since it will recover for a brief moment before performing another attack
Shield Bash The Queen's Knight will dash forward using its shield that will knockback anyone it hits. Instead of dodging backward or even forward, be sure to roll to the side to avoid getting hit.
Double Slice This is a fast attack where the Knight will swing its sword twice, so be sure to dodge left first then right and follow up with one or two attacks.
Lunge Attack Do not roll backward since this attack has a very long range, dodge to your side and follow up with a few basic attacks.
Retaliating Knight If you are close enough or if the Knight deals enough damage, it will retaliate by flying backward and following up with a horizontal slash attack that emits a short range of waves from its sword. If you keep your distance, you will not get hit by this attack, which will also allow you to follow up with any long-range attacks.
Phase 2
Leap Attack In Phase two, it will have an additional attack where it will leap into the air and follow up with slamming the ground with its sword towards your position. If you are locked in, you can easily see if it will land on you since there will be a brief moment for you to time your dodge right before it actually attacks. It's safe to dodge and land one or two attacks and keep your distance again.
Triple Leap In conjunction with its leap attack, the Queen's Knight will leap in the air three times and end up landing in the middle of the arena, following up with an AOE attack where it will emit pillars in a vertical line. Right after dodging the first and second leap attack, take your time and watch where the light will come from on the ground before actually dodging to identify where the pillars will come from.
Spinning Shield A spinning attack that allows the Queen's Knight to close in the gap, it is wise to have and use Shifting Hollow in order to phase forward through its attack
Overcharged Attacks All attacks are charged and are much faster. Having Shifting Hollow will be very useful since you can easily mix up your evasion skills.
Leak Aura Queen's Knight jumps to the center and a green aura will appear around it. The aura is not stationary and will move with the Queen's Knight. Staying inside the radius will cause the leak status to build up. The duration is quite short so it is best to hold off on attacking until it wears off.


Queen's Knight Reborn Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      I didnt remember he was that tanky!
      He shrugs off Rage Of Perkunas with S+ on mind, idk if it was his shield or he has a very large health pool on the Depths

      • Anonymous

        i have killed him over 27 times now and i still feel the need to yell, CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNTTTTTT!

        • Anonymous

          Enduring Crimson +10, Night Fang + 10, Prometheas blood code, as passive gifts eternal blade dance and one-handed sword mastery. Buff with adrenaline, venom mark and blade dance before entering the arena.
          He didn't stagger in the first phase but in the second, used circulating pulse and phantom assault when he was staggered.
          His health just melted away, took just one minute to kill him. So far the easiest boss.

          • Anonymous

            I absolutely destroyed him with the Ice sword / quick mobility to dodge his teleports, and Final journey. He melted in 20 seconds. Easiest boss so far.

            • Anonymous

              He is very fast and very punishing, however, he is very vulnerable to ice. The ice barrage gift will deal very high damage and quickly cause him to stagger, at which point he can be ice barraged and chain staggered to death. His move set is fairly predictable and exploitable, but mistakes will be costly due to his high damage and short openings he leaves for healing.

              • Anonymous

                I've beaten this boss three times and it never gets any less stressful... it's like fighting Friede if she was jacked up on steroids.

                • Anonymous

                  half way through 2nd phase this piece of***** turns glitches invisible and ive only got my lock on dot to go by.

                  • Anonymous

                    Don't use the active ice buff. If you've found it in the depths yet (or wherever it was, forgot myself) use the passive ice buff that is always on. Same goes for the lightning passive buff. It'll help.

                    • Melee Strategy for Depths version farm. Queenslayer Blood Code. any veil. Argent Wolf Poleaxe Fortification. Passives: Swift Destruction. Strength/Dexterity, Survival Instinct, Halbery mastery. Buff Flashing Fang, Blow of Madness, Merciless Reaper, Frost Weapon, Lightning Weapon, Final Journey. Blood Sacrifice to have enough ichor for all buffs. Severing Abyss to actually slap him to dead. takes around 48-49k dmg to onehit him

                      • Caster Strategy for Depths Version farm. Artemis/Harmonia/Queen Blood Code. Suicide Spur Blood veil. pipe of thralldom for quick mobility. Passives: Vow of Ichor, Swift Destruction, Willpower, Revenant's Hunger. Ice+Lightning Barrage main spells. The knight is extremely quick and will charge you from long distance so might aswell stay close and utilize the high damage and fast cast speed of barrages. Cleansing Light and Blood Sacrifice to keep up Ichor. A delayed spell like Fourfold Verdict or Purging Thorn for setting up some damage during the start or phase transition. A heavy hitting spell like Baba Yaga's Gaze for finishing off during the window when he enrages.

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