Frozen Empress

Location Depths: Celestial Ice Prison
Health 130,000
Reward/s See Frozen Empress page for the full list
Elemental Resistances Blood 50%
Fire -22.5%
Ice 90%
Lightning 90%
Physical Resistances Slash 15%
Crush 10%
Pierce 20%
Weakness Venom
Immunity Inhibit, Slow, Stun

Frozen Empress is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Frozen Empress Location

  • Frozen Empress DLC (Depths: Celestial Ice Prison) - In order to get this Depths Map, you must have the Frozen Empress DLC, and you must have defeated Juzo Mido. The map can be found under the stairs just past the room you fight him in.
  • This boss is optional



Frozen Empress Rewards



Frozen Empress Notes & Tips

  • Two ice crystals constantly float around her, occasionally upgrading and providing help to the boss:
  • RED CRYSTAL: first upgrade: increases the Empress' defense; second upgrade: enhances the Empress' physical damage with ice; third upgrade: surrounds the Empress with a blizzard field that deals constant ice damage to everyone inside it.
  • BLUE CRYSTAL: first upgrade: generates static ice pillars around the map which deal contact damage; second upgrade: the ice pillars now frequently shoot icycles to you if you are close enough; third upgrade: the ice pillars now frequently generate ice blasts around them if you are close enough.
  • If both crystals are fully upgraded, the Empress will temporarily empower them, causing them to teleport around the map and shoot huge ice beams.
  • Damaging a crystal until it turns off will nullify any of its upgrades, temporarily disabling them and making them return to "level 0".
  • The Dancing Fireblade gift found in the Hellfire Knight DLC's Surt Blood Code comes in very handy for this fight; not only does it shred the Empress' health, it is also quite likely to hit and disable her crystals. As an added bonus, it makes it much easier to accomplish the attack combo trials.


Frozen Empress Strategies 

Strategy Writeup

A strategy writeup for this boss will be added for the game's release.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "Grim Menace Obliterated" upon the screen.


Video Strategy



Frozen Empress Lore

Appears to be a Marduk Aragami from the God Eater series, albeit with a somewhat different fighting style.

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      So i actually fought it and it looks nothing like a marduk besides the gauntlets and moveset it has, that and a fuc u attitude. However its moveset is practically the same as a marduk and those who have played god eater 3 should do well against it

      • Anonymous

        Are we certain its based on a marduk? it looks nothing like a possible design of one, i fought the hellfire knight and immediately recognized the base but ive yet this one so i guess ill find out myself

        • Anonymous

          why can't i target the ****ing crystals?! I was able to target them the other day; I remember the day starting off the same... "why the **** can't i target those crystals?" Then all of a sudden, I was able to target them. Now it's back to nope. I have to aim at the boss and hope I pressed my spell in time to collide with the piece of **** crystals.

          • Anonymous

            This boss strongly resemblance a Marduk in God Eater series. It attack were the same. Anyone who played God Eater before, kudos.

            • Anonymous

              FYI, the claw swipes are parriable. Thus far is the only attack i found that you can parry, so i guess it works pretty much like the Hellfire Knight

              • Anonymous

                So, can anyone explain me how is it supposed to be possible to complete the dodging challenges in this fight? because, i have been testing this with both Overdrive (to check when i get hit) and Countermeasure (to check when i successfully dodge an attack) and it doesnt make any sense. The only attacks that seem to count towards the dodges are the melee attacks, because dodging any other attack, like the ice spears, doesn't trigger Countermeasure (and believe me, i have tried to leave the thinnest marging to dodge them and it doesn't work), but if you stay close to bait the boss into engaging in melee, he will sometimes use the ones that leave an aoe on the ground, and f* you over. That not accounting for the orbs and taking care of them. It is really annoying. I have managed to kill the boss no damage already, and the only Dodging trophy i got was the first one for dodging 1 attack in a row. If anyone can help, please do. i just want to get the damn blood core

                • Anonymous

                  This boss fight will be a walk in the park if you manage to acquire two Surt magic skills the Demonsoul's Fire Storm melt her ass good, while the Spinning Fire Blades interrupt the Orbs' movement, not to mention the easy '30 hit no damage' hunting reward

                  • Anonymous

                    Tried with a few set-ups. With a heavy-hitter build and Yakumo as a partner, you can win this blind (I did it on the first try). For light-hitters, however, this thing is a nightmare. I just can't, for the life of me, dodge its attacks reliably. Hellfire Knight's attacks can be roll-dodged into almost any direction (and the timing is so very easy to grasp), allowing constant attacks. Some of Frozen Empress's moves just aren't practical to be roll-dodged at all; getting the hell out of their radius is the only way to survive, and others have weird timings and wind-ups. And it just won't be still enough for me to hit its legs. 40% of my swings hit air between its legs or under its head. In the end I had to turn off the auto-aim function and attack without locking on. This thing reminded me how much I hated fighting Marduk in GE3. Especially the 'explosion-under-the-belly' and the 'leap-in-and-explode'.

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