Hellfire Knight

hellfire knight code vein wiki
Location Depths: Fiery Oblivion
Health 125,000
Reward See Hellfire Knight page for full list
Elemental Resistance Blood 40%
Fire 90%
Ice 40%
Lightning -10%
Physical Resistance Slash 30%
Crush 20%
Pierce 15%
Weakness Inhibit
Immunity Slow, Stun, Venom

Hellfire Knight is a Boss in Code Vein. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to choose the appropriate Blood Code, Gifts, Weapons, Blood Veil, and Companion in order to defeat these formidable foes.


Hellfire Knight Location

  • Hellfire Knight DLC (Depths: Fiery Oblivion) - In order to get this Depths Map, you must have the Hellfire Knight DLC, and you must have defeated Juzo Mido. The map can be found under the stairs just past the room you fight him in.
  • This boss is optional



Hellfire Knight Rewards



Hellfire Knight Notes & Tips

  • Stamina management is key to this fight.
  • Contrary to expectations, he is weak to lightning damage, not ice.
  • While vulnerable to Inhibit, it seems to do little to impede his ability to cast fire magic, if at all. More testing is required. 



Hellfire Knight Strategies 

Strategy Writeup


The strategy for this fight is to move in and bait his 2 hit swipe combo. Roll through this (you want to have a Normal weight or better for this) and then attack once or twice and then roll into him when he tail swipes. Attack until he jumps away and then repeat this process. If he ever rears up, dodge through him and attack.

If he jumps into the air, dodge it at the last second and use an attack skill or spell here, as you have about 1 or 2 seconds before he gets up. If he casts fire under you, move directly left or right, but not forward or backward and watch for the jump attack. It can be hard to see through the fire, but be prepared to dodge immediately if you see any motion from him.

When he gets to half health he'll rear up and do an AoE. Back away and make sure you're not standing in a random fire puddle. Then move in and repeat the strategy from Phase 1, watching for the same AoE he just did when he gets to about 30% and 10% HP.

He will do 3 new attacks in Phase 2. First he'll cast a fire puddle on the ground that follows you sometimes, be sure to dodge it and watch the jump slam attack after he casts it, as it usually follows immediately. Just move away from him and run out the 10 seconds or so this puddle lasts.

Second, he'll rear up and pull out two swords and move lightning fast forward in a flurry. Dodge into him and hug his right leg for some easy damage and a good opportunity to heal.

Third, he'll do a lunge attack at you from time to time if you're far from him that slides him in a straight line towards you. It's easy to read once you've seen it once or twice. Just dodge out of the way left or right and then attack him after. Be careful not to dodge too early!

Video Strategy




Hellfire Knight Lore

Hellfire Knight is arguably implied to be a Hannibal from the God Eater series, sharing an almost identical moveset and body; however, nowhere in the game is there anything mentioning this or even hinting towards this being the actual case, outside of the fact it use the same assets as a Hannibal.

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.




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    • Anonymous

      I'm a bit confused with the wording in the Combo Master-trial (I'm currently trying to complete it here as it's the last one I need for all of Surt's Gifts).
      It just says 'land 30 attacks in a row without taking damage' with no further specification.
      Does this mean that I gotta just land 30 weak attacks on it, or does using weapon-wielding Gifts and spell-Gifts count too?

      • Anonymous

        Companions sommehow make this fight more difficult. Normally you'd just hug the legs for more more manageable attacks, but he'll randomly aggro the companion and start spamming his one-shot AOE when he does that.

        • Anonymous

          some weapons seems to have severe damage reduction against this guy even if weapon has no elements properties which he has high resistance to. I was doing 0 to 300 dmg with huge hammer +9. it starts of at 1k when hitting his head then ends up being 300 mid fight. switched to queens hammer and i didnt get dmg reduction. he doesnt appear buffed or anything

          • Anonymous

            For some reason I really like his 'bonk' attack when he jumps into the air and just slams his fist into your face. Apparently Io is the best companion choice to fight him since not only is she dodging his attacks really well, but her weapon also deals significantly more damage since it's a piercing type attack. Additionally she uses lightning attacks which also seem to be quite effective against him.

            • Anonymous

              The trial to get the Surt flamecore II is such bullshit. I've dodged probably 15 of this guy's attacks and the reward still won't pop. Is it broken?

              • Anonymous

                Is seriously nobody here going to comment on the fact that this guy is LITERALLY A HANNIBAL? Thank god I've played God Eater as it helped me a lot recognizing a lot of the moves. But yeah, this guy ain't from Code Vein. Don't *****ing try to fight him like a Code Vein boss. Fight him like you're playing Monster Hunter/God Eater. DO NOT GET GREEDY. One or two hits, then BTFO and dodge/block your way to another opportunity. Always keep a healthy distance from him to get in and out and avoid hugging him to give yourself time to get out when he decides to go Supernova. Also, don't bother attacking the back, you'll deal severely diminished damage, even hitting 0's when he's enraged.

                • Anonymous

                  Im probably not gonna beat this boss. At least with a two hander. Unless im under leveled. He just murders me

                  • Anonymous

                    this boss is the dlc in a nutshell: lazy game design. the only thing that makes this boss a challenge is his health pool and damage modifiers.

                    • Anonymous

                      Okay did some testing Lightning and Pierce are the best options Spell Dummy Boss Rage of Perkunas 10520 9258 88% Jupiter's Blade 5179 3133 60% Lightning Spike 2831 2647 93% Baba Yaga's Gaze ^ 4208 40% Aurora Flash ^ 1812 35% Ice Spike ^ 1203 42% Vodnik Mass ^ 4208 ^ Dusk Edge ^ 1812 ^ Blood Spike ^ 1203 ^ Walpurgis Fire ^ 0 00% Crimson Moon ^ 0 00% Flame Spike ^ 263 10%

                      • Anonymous

                        His only, and I mean his ONLY real threat, is that bulls**t one-shot AOE that he likes to randomly use and pull off within 3 seconds with almost NO telegraphing. Honestly, that's just a lazy way of making a boss difficult. He's really not bad after you learn his moves from a few tries, but come on Shift. Quick one-shots are just lazy and poor design.

                        • Anonymous

                          Be Warned: This Boss kinda Heals from fire damage, if you do 100 damage to him and then add fire for more, you'll do LESS damage than you'd normally do unbuffed. this is mainly to stop several overpowered fire strats that would demolish this boss even if he had normal resistances, also if you're attempting the "Alpha and Omega" trial, take Io or Louis as one they both have trails for this boss anyway and two Io can tank this boss with no worries and Louis will buff your damage making it a little easier, However DO NOT take either Eva or Mia as the boss will target you more often and is too tanky for most bayonet attacks anyway, Yakumo is the best out of all if you're not doing any of the "no damage" trials though. and the last thing, this boss is much easier than he looks (though he's still in the top 10 hardest IMO) he's not as fast as bosses like Mido and Invading Executioner and he's not as tanky as Cannoneer or Skull king, but he does have an insane move pool and a smarter AI than other bosses, so you must make sure you know how he functions, if he backflips, he'll follow up with a quick punch move, if you're right on top of him, he'll spin with his tail after an attack, if he raises his fist, he's about to leap and if he uses his AoE fire trap, never dash diagonally when looking at him (it ALWAYS goes off the same way if you're looking at him) also, Phase 2 is much easier despite how it looks as most of his crazy attacks will become null if you're right nex to him like you should be already.

                          • Anonymous

                            Be warned about this new dlc. A buddy of mine wehtn into new game plus after this dlc dropped. He beat collens and loaded into home base. He then walked right to Davis to open up the new dlc and was loaded in. An now he is unable to load out. So warning do not jump right into the new dlc right after new game plus. You will be locked in there with no exit. We are hopping after he is able to solo it that he will be locked out of it fully

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