Lost Knight

Enemy Type Lost
Location Ashen Cavern, ???
Drops Queen Steel, Black Greatsword, Mark of Honor, ???

Lost Knight are hostile NPCS in Code Vein that the player can confront to obtain Haze, crafting materials and equipment. They posses different skills and weapons.  Please note the name is not the official name and is listed as such for the community to discover and record each enemy type.

Lost Knight Enemy Description

  • Lost Knight typically wield a greatsword and also a shield
  • They have a high amount of Stagger Resistance

Lost Knight Combat Information

  • Lost Knight can deal high amounts of damage with just normal attacks
  • ???

Lost Knight Location

  • One can be found near the third Mistle in the Ashen Cavern guarding an initially locked door
  • ???


Lost Knight Drops

Lost Knight Notes & Tips

  • It is recommended to dodge or parry their attacks since they have high Stagger Resistance and also block most attacks with their shields
  • Other notes


Ant-type Executioner  ♦  Argent Axe-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Bayonet-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Hammer-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Shield-wielding Knight  ♦  Argent Sword-wielding Knight  ♦  Armored Female Lost  ♦  Armored Stone-Crusher  ♦  Assassin Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Corrupted Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Axe-wielding Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Blue Flame Lost  ♦  Brute Monk Lost  ♦  Corrupted Stone-Crusher Lost  ♦  Dark Vampire Wolf  ♦  Elite Knight Lost  ♦  Elite Lost  ♦  Elite Parched Executioner  ♦  Female Spiked Lost  ♦  Fire Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Fire Totem Lost  ♦  Glowing Tentacle Lost  ♦  Hammer-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Horned Lost  ♦  Mage Antler Lost  ♦  Mutated Lost  ♦  Mutated Sea Urchin  ♦  Parched Executioner  ♦  Punching Bag  ♦  Purple Blob  ♦  Recently Converted Lost  ♦  Sand Blob  ♦  Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  spear-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Spiked Bayonet-Wielding Lost  ♦  Spiked Lost  ♦  Stone-crusher Lost  ♦  Suicide Lost  ♦  Sunset Axe-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset bayonet-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Shield-wielding Lost  ♦  Sunset Sword-Wielding Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Antler Lost  ♦  Sword-Wielding Executioner Type Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Knight Lost  ♦  Sword-wielding Lost  ♦  White Ant-Type Executioner

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    • Anonymous

      They can also drop Black Halberds. You need to look for the right ones. Such as the one in the Flaming City, near the last Mistle before the Boss. He drops the Black Halberd. The one in the Ashen Cavern drops the Black Great Sword. I'm assuming the others drop their weapons, too. However, it is a grind. They have low drop rates. Just keep killing them. You'll eventually get the weapon(s).

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