Experience points used to level-up. The Player will lose all Haze if they're defeated in a dungeon. Haze can be recollected by going back to the spot where the player was killed

Haze is a currency in Code Vein, that is used in exchange for goods and as player experience. It works almost identically to Souls in the Dark Souls series.

You can use Haze and certain materials to max out your proficiency with Gifts, unlocking the ability to inherit them. Doin so enables you to use them even with a different blood code equipped.

Haze Mechanics

Players earn Haze by defeating enemies, and must make it back to a checkpoint in order to use the accumulated experience

If players die within a dungeon, Haze is dropped on the spot of their death and must be collected. If the player dies a second time while attempting to return to the dropped Haze, it will be lost forever.

Players can utilize Haze to level up and to perform Upgrades.


Haze cost per level



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