Punching Bag

Enemy Type Training Dummy
Location Home Base
Hit Points 10,000

The Punching Bag is a passive "Enemy" in Code Vein that the player can confront in the Home Base.

Punching Bag Enemy Description

  • A bag located near the mistle in Home Base, made to withstand intense training sesions.
  • To start combat, go near the blue glowing spot, and select the option "Begin Training"
    • This will put a fog wall behind the mistle, and the player will take out his weapons and Blood Veil.
    • The player's companions will never assist him on this combat.

Punching Bag Combat Information

  • Has 10% resistance to Slash, Thrust and Crush damage.
  • Possess no elemental resistances.
  • Cannot be affected by status effects. It's immune to all status buildup.
  • Cannot be staggered, launched, backstabbed or parried.
    • The player can still regain Ichor when hitting it, as any normal enemy would do.
    • This of course means the player can also gain max ichor when hitting with Drain Attacks.
  • Since it's an entity made mostly for player testing, it cannot attack.
  • Recovers all of it's HP once it stops receiving damage for a total of  3 seconds, or it's health has been depleted.
    • This makes it invincible for all intents and purposes. However the damage indicator still ramps up, making it useful for a Total Damage test.


Punching Bag Notes & Tips

  • Remember that  the mistle is still accessible, which allows for easy combat "resets" (for regaining any Ichor, replenishing your used items, and restoring your Gift's cooldowns). You can also have access to your storage box.
    • Do beware that resting at a Mistle will, as always, reset your current max Ichor to it's base cap, and reset your active gifts.
  • The player cannot gain focus by dodging or recieving damage, since the punching bag cannot attack.
    • However, the Complete Attention passive Gift still works as normal, making it the only way to gain focus against it.
  • In all, the punching bag is a good testing tool for gathering numeric data pertaining the player's damage output. This allows for Gift testing and interactions, with some few exceptions.
  • It could also serve the player as as a "Dressing Room" of sorts for all the Blood Veils you have acquired. Same applies for weapons.
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