Heimdall Chrome

heimdall chrome crafting material code vein wiki guide

A highly valuable mineral made from
a special ore mixed with blood. Ask Murasame
to use this to transform a weapon or Blood Veil
into an intensified item with greater stat scaling.
But at the cost of deceased weapon and Gift
attack properties.

Heimdall Chrome is a Crafting Material in Code Vein. Items are used for a variety of purposes, such as consumable buffs, key items, and as upgrade materials. Items can be looted from Enemies and/or Bosses, chests, given by NPCs, and are sold by Merchants.


Heimdall Chrome Usage


Heimdall Chrome Locations

You may find Heimdall Chrome in the following Locations:

  • x2, x3 and x3 Can be traded with Jack for 10 trading points.
  • Every certain amount of given trading points, he restocks more of these chromes.
    • If you give Jack enough valuables to accumulate 500 trading points at once, he stocks an unlimited amount of these chromes. 


Notes and Tips

  • When used on Weapons: Decreases Base ATK by 40%. Incrases ALL of the weapon's stat scalings by one tier (for example, C+ becomes B, B becomes B+, etc).
    • This results in average an increase of ATK Scaling between 20% to 25% on a max upgraded weapon (the increase changing on the player's Blood Code stats and the weapon's stats).
  • When used on Blood Veils: Decreases Base Drain ATK by 40%, and Decreases Light and Dark Gift ratings by 30%. Incrases ALL of the Blood Veil's stat scalings by one tier (for example, C+ becomes B, B becomes B+, etc).
  • This Chrome's transformation is better used on Weapons or Blood Veils with extremely high stat ratings, on appropiate Blood Codes that benefit from said high stat ratings.



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      so when I went to check the difference on a huge hammer and a zweihander it didn't make any damage difference on the hammer and lowered the overall damage of the zweihander the scale bonus doesn't make a big enough difference to make this one worth using. both of these were with the atlas blood code with strength and dex boost passives.

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