Bayonet Rifles are a type of Weapon in Code Vein. Bayonet Rifles provide the wielder a balanced attack with both long projectile and short melee attacks allowing you to dance around the battlefield. These weapons can be found inside chests, randomly scattered in the area, dropped by enemies or bosses after defeating them, and can be purchased from a Merchant.

Pressing the Strong Attack fires the rifle. Firing a rifle consumes ichor. Rifles fire differently depending on if the attack is Charged (holding down Strong Attack button). A key detail to note is that the Bayonet Rifle's shot damage scales off of Willpower and Mind, not Dexterity. The damage values of your Bayonet on your character stats page will not reflect this detail.

This page covers a list of all the known Bayonet Rifles in Code Vein which will include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.


Bayonet Rifles in Code Vein



 Name & Icon Attack Stat Scaling Defense
Attack Type Physical
Status Effect Drain Rating Weight
STR DEX MND WIL Slash Crush Pierce Status Defense Stamina Reduction Drain Rating
Queenslayer Bayonet

Slash Pierce

130 - 0.27 15 - A C+ B 71 56 71 - 30 0.34

Lost Bayonet

Slash 167 - 0.27 11 - C D C 62 47 62 - 30 0.34

Sunset Bayonet

153 - 0.27 8 - C+ C D 67 52 67 - 30 0.34




138  - 0.27  14 - A C B+  61 61  71   - 30  0.34 



150 - 0.27 10 - A C B 66 66 66 - 30 0.34




- 0.27 20 - C+ B B 67 47 67 - 35 0.34

Black Bayonet



 163  -  0.27 24 - B+ D B+ 71   56 71  35 0.34

Rubellite Piercer



 125 40 blood  0.27 18 - A C+ C+ 71   56 71  10 blood 35 0.34

Burning Disaster

Slash  82  60 fire-upgrade-code-vein-wiki-guide24px  0.27 33 B+ A B E+ 73   73 73  10 fire-upgrade-code-vein-wiki-guide24px 50  0.34 

Riot Breaker

 Slash  119  0.27 22 B C+ C B 68   68  53 -  35 0.34 

Argent Wolf Bayonet



174 - 0.27 27 - B D B+ 61 66 66 - 45 0.34

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    • Anonymous

      20 Jul 2020 11:09  

      Bloody Snow and Thunderbolt bayonets both need to be added to this page. Some of the best ones in the game.

      • Anonymous

        30 Oct 2019 22:57  

        Analyzing from a melee perspective, the bayonet and lost bayonet have the best basic chain (long range alternating sweeps), the cool backdash then forward stab move but lack a gap closer. The rubellite is a no go imo because the second attack in the chain locks you into a double attack which gets you killed. Mia's bayonet has the very useful spinning backdash on the normal chain and a quick forward leap attack on the bumper + light attack, but the first light attack in the chain has terrible range and misses a lot. Conclusion: when using Mia's bayonet, use the bumper + light attack liberally to make up for it's weaknesses and the basic bayonet might actually be good.

        • Bayonet Rifles [Code Vein Wiki]19 Oct 2019 01:39  

          normally mind and willpower effect dark and light spell damage respective but mind/willpower both effect a Bayonet's shot damage as well as the special attacks of weapons that consume ichor. You'll get the most ranged damage from a Bayonet with a blood code that maxes both mind and willpower.

          However, note that the Bayonets do have different movesets, some much more effect at melee than others. So the Bayonet with the strongest ranged attack is not necessarily the best at melee in the weapon class.

          • Anonymous

            07 Oct 2019 18:33  

            There are rifles in this game? Badass. Just thought it was anime dark souls and would only feature cliche medieval/fantasy weapons.

            • Anonymous

              03 Oct 2019 10:56  

              Best Shotting DMG = Libertador Best Long Range Fast Projectile (tap instead of of hold) = Brodiaea Best AOE Projectile = Riot Breaker Fastest Projectile = Sunset Bayonet (Tap shot) You're welcome

              • Anonymous

                02 Oct 2019 17:21  

                Which stat does Bayonet's bullet based on? When I use Mage build, it seems like the shooting damage was higher so maybe it was scaled based on Mind and Willpower ?

                • Anonymous

                  28 Sep 2019 04:18  

                  Someone pls add Brodiaea from Mia's exchange reward. A/C/B Dex/Mind/Willpower, Backstep after last combo, sidestep (ala Bloodborne) dash animation.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Sep 2019 03:30  

                    That actually depends on what kind of Bayonet it is, the Important bit is from which stats do they scale (similar to ther souls games) and what are the necessary stats. It varies from Bayonet type to Bayonet type. You could have one that Scales with STR and DEX and the next has MND instead. On a side note those stats should be added to the table too, I would do it but my Wikiedit Fu is weak and I would break things.

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