Prometheus Chrome


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Prometheus Chrome is a Crafting Material in Code Vein. Items are used for a variety of purposes, such as consumable buffs, key items, and as upgrade materials. Items can be looted from Enemies and/or Bosses, chests, given by NPCs, and are sold by Merchants.


Prometheus Chrome Usage


Prometheus Chrome Locations

You may find Prometheus Chrome in the following Locations:

  • x2, x3 and x3 Can be traded with Louis for 10 trading points.
  • Every certain amount of given trading points, he restocks more of these chromes.


Notes and Tips

  • When used on weapons, calculates 20% of the weapon's base damage, weight, defense stats and stamina reduction, and then substracts that amount, rounded up.
  • When used on Blood Veils calculates 20% of the blood veil's base damage and weight, then substracts that amount. The Balance is reduced by 10%, and it also reduces Gifts base rating and defense stats by 5%
  • Allows to reach mobility tresholds more easily, but can hinder the weapon's damage rating. Compare benefits before transforming.



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