Base Mobility in Code Vein indicates your mobility when dodging attacks. Your mobility can be either Quick, Normal or Slow based on your total weight, and will change your dodge animation.

Base Mobility Information

Base Mobility Notes

Mobility is determined by a combination of your Blood Code's stats, and Equipment's weight. Blood Codes have a Base Mobility, and a weight limit. Base Mobility determines what tier mobility you are in by default; Quick, Normal, or Slow. Weight Limit combined with equipment weight act as a modifier to this. For example if your equipment weight is over your Weight Limit, you will be pushed up one tier. Refer to the following list for specific info.

Note: You cannot go past Quick or Slow tier mobility. Meaning it is pointless for a Blood Code with Quick Base Mobility to have less than 50% equipment weight.

Equipment Weight % Tier Change
0% - 25% Down 2
25% - 50% Down 1
50% - 100% No Change
100%- 150% Up 1
150%+ Up 2


  • Final Journey will set your mobility to quick, regardless of  what tier you are supposed to be in.
  • Swift Destruction will increase your damage based on what mobility tier you are in.




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    • Anonymous

      Experimented a lot with different weight limits, also using Revenant's Ambition (+30% weight limit passive)
      I think the cap for "Down 2" is not 25%, but 20%.
      If you run into trouble trying to increase mobility try lowering your weight further below 20%, rather than 25%.

      This page is pretty old so it's possible the info is outdated.

      (Read below if you're curious) (Using Pollux bloodcode)
      [25% of 246 is 61.5] [20% of 246 is 49.5]
      60/246 is >
      51.4/246 is >
      50.4/246 is >**
      48/246 is >> ** somewhere between 50.4 and 48 is the down 2 mark, which also happens to be 20% weight
      42.4/246 is >>

      • Anonymous

        The Prometheus Gift Hasten seems to increase your dodge speed by one tier. The trivia mentioned two other gifts that are tied to this stat, so figured this should be added as well.

        • Anonymous

          I don't get the base mobility thing in this game! How come a code with 250 weight limit will make your mobility slow, while a 65 weight limit will make it quick? I could just get the code with 250 weight limit and use lighter weapon and veil, thus I will have the quick mobility no matter what. Am I missing something, or does the game s*ck at explaining?

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