Gift Experience or Gift EXP is a mechanic in Code Vein. It allows players to Master equipped Gifts on their current Blood Code when they kill a certain amount of enemies.

How to obtain Gift Experience

  • The player may obtain Gift Experience (Gift EXP) by killing enemies.
    • The details on how this works is explained below.
  • A player must not exceed the Level "cap" in the area they're killing enemies. Said cap is specific in each area, and exceeding the Level cap will make the player unable to gain Gift Experience in that specific Area.
    • This is determined by the player's current Level vs the Area's Level Cap. If the player's Level is above the Area's Level Cap, they will be unable to obtain any Gift Experience.
      • A decent rule of thumb is to level up 7 levels (Eg: Level 1 to 8, Level 8 to 15, etc.) for each Boss the player kills in the main story. This will allow players to remain decently leveled on their progression, while also being able to obtain Gift Experience in all of the areas they progress in.
    • In short, having a really high level can be detrimental if the player seeks to master a wide variety of Gifts via Gift Experience.

Why you should acquire Gift Experience

  • Obtaining enough Gift EXP will enable Mastery with that Gift, which then allows for it's use in different Blood Codes.
    • A Mastered Gift can still be limited by Stat requierements, and thus may not be usable by the player, even if it's available. This depends on the Blood Code the player uses, as it determines the natural statline for the player.
  • Mastering Gifts with Gift Experience saves you Awake MJ items (and a bit of Haze), which are in limited quantity and can only be farmed reliably from Depths maps.
    • Late game Gifts also become prohibitely on Awake MJ items, as they can need up to 15 of the highest tier to instantly master the Gift.

Conditions for acquiring Gift Experience

  1. The player must Learn/Unlock first the gift they want to master, that come from a specific Blood Code.
  2. Once learned, the player must equip said Blood Code, and then equip the Gift(s) they want to master (including passives).
    • Please note that Exclusive Gifts cannot be mastered, and thus gain no Gift Experience.
  3. The player's level must not exceed the Area's Level Cap.
    • Testing shows that in general, each area in the main game increases it's level cap by 10, and it starts at a base of level 20.
      • So the first area after the tutorial starts at a cap of 20, then the next area has a level cap of 30, then level 40, and so on.
      • Note that this data is not 100% accurate for some of the areas (specially early-game ones), but remains consistent for most of the game. This pattern is more noticeable after clearing Cathedral of the Sacred Blood.
      • This base cap increases by each NG+ cycle tier you go up. The exact numbers haven't been tested yet.

Gift Experience Notes

  • Once the player fulfills the conditions, they may obtain a certain amount of Gift Experience each time they kill an enemy, including Bosses. Specific amounts remain unknown.
    • Normal enemies give Gift Experience almost equally, with some specific exceptions.
    • Bosses give a chunk of Gift Experience once they're killed. This makes farming Depth Bosses an actual viable strategy to Master gifts, as the player can obtain Gift Experience + Upgrade Materials + Awake MJ items.
    • The amount of requiered Gift EXP to master a gift varies, depending of the specific Gift that has to be mastered.
      • In general, the Gifts obtained later in the game need more Gift EXP to master (and thus, you need more enemies to kill).
    • There was a theory that the lower your level is, the more Gift Experience you obtain for killing enemies. This however, is false.
      • It can be, however, relatively easier to obtain gift experience the lower your level is. This is because it allows you to return to early-game areas and farm the enemies there with late-game Gifts and Blood Codes.

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