Gift Mastery, or just Mastery, is a mechanic in Code Vein. It allows players to use different Gifts on different Blood Codes under the right conditions, giving the player more flexibility on exploration and battles.

Conditions for Gift Mastery

  • Gifts can only be mastered if they have been learned/unlocked first from their respective Blood Codes.
    • To do this, the player requires a certain amount of Haze to unlock the desired gift. The amount of Haze needed depends of the gift, and it varies by Blood Code. This can be done at a Mistle in the "Acquire/Inherit Gifts" option.
    • Exclusive Gifts can be learned, but cannot be mastered. Their respective Blood Code must be equipped in order to be used.
  • Once the player has unlocked a gift, they can Master it by fulfilling either of the following conditions:
    • Obtain enough Gift Experience with the gift equipped. This applies to both Active and Passive gifts. Please refer to the Gift Experience page for more specific information.
      • A notification will show up when the player has mastered the gift on the top right part of the screen (it will show up with it's respective name).
    • Select the option "Max Out Proficiency" at a mistle, which costs some Haze and requires of Awake MJ items.
      • The amount of Haze and Awake MJ Items vary greatly, as it depends of the specific gift that needs to be mastered
        • The type of required Awake MJ items also depend of the Gift to be mastered. This is usually determined at which point in the game you can unlock the respective gift.

Fulfilled Conditions

  • Once the player has mastered a Gift from their respective Blood Code, said Gift will appear with a small star mastery on their icon signaling that it has been mastered.
    • Example of mastered gifts:
       mastery ex
  • The player can also put their cursor over a specific Gift and check on the stat screen on their right if the gift has been mastered. This is indicated by the following icon: mastery2
    • Example of how a specific mastered Gift looks in the stat screen:
      mastery2 ex

Benefits of Mastering Gifts

  • Mastering a gifts allows you to use it with any Blood Code that can fulfill it's Stat requirement.
    • So even if you mastered a Gift, you must have the minimal stats requiered to wield it or it can't be used, which can be achieved on varying degrees depending of your Blood Code of choice. Stat-increasing passives can help with this.
      • For example, using a mastered Gift that requieres a B on the Willpower stat to use would be very hard to do with a Blood Code like Queen's Breath, because it's base Willpower stat is low and you would need of 3 passives to achieve that. Meanwhile, the Caster Blood Code can easily use said mastered Gift because their natural statline easily allows them to equip and use it without changing their passive Gifts.
  • This allows the player to equip Blood Codes optimal for their playstyle while retaining any Gifts they may want to use, adding more options on their playstyle.
    • Because of this feature, players can opt for flexibility or optimization in their builds, which allows for further combinations on different gifts and Blood Codes.
  • Since mastered Gifts don't need to be equipped by any special means (the player can just change them on their Gift menu), players can switch on Active and Passive gifts on the go for specific situations they may encounter during their journey.

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