Blood code: Orion (Get from lord of thunder dlc)

Blood Veil: Venus claw+10 Devour (can get it from the pre order)

Alternate Veil: Suicide Spur+10 Alleviation (devour puts mobility on normal)

Weapon One: Brodiaea+10 Devour (can get from mia for 50 trade points)

Weapon Two: Any (i went with the Black Bayonet+10 Fortification)


Avarice (Hephaestus)

Bayonet Mastery (Artemis)

Regenerative Drain (Hades)

Dexerity/Willpower up (Artemis)


Ranged Impact (Hunter)

Radiant Barrel (Orion)

Blood Sacrifice (Hunter)

Sands of Depravity (Queen's Throat)

Hasten (Prometheus)

Ichor Efficiency (Orion)

Time Crunch (Scathach)

Bloodsucking Blades (Artemis)

About this Build:

This build is ranged combat mainly by using the shot and charged shot moves and mainly gaining ichor with parry's and backstabs and i use blood sacrefice for emergancy ichor blood sucking blades also help with the ichor gaining.

About the Passives:

I chose Avarice so i can gain more ichor with each drain attack, Regenerative drain so if i do get damaged i can heal a bit wile also getting ichor, Bayonet Mastery so my shots become more powerful and Dex/wil up so my shots can become even more damaging.

About the Actives:

Ranged Impact so shots deal more damage, Sands of Depravity mainly for a large scale aoe on a group, Hasten to give me more mobility when using the black bayonet, Ichor Efficiency so my charged shots only use 1 Ichor instead of 2, Time crunch to speed up charged shots, bloodsucking blades mainly used to get ichor if i'm low or out and radiant barrel for a powerful hit (mainly used on bosses when there stuned or down)


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