Welcome to the build with the most **** you buttons in the game.

Successor of the Blood by TelosTheWanderer

This is a build focused on blood damage that uses high sustain and low cooldowns to shred through enemies very quickly.

Blood Code:

  • Queen: Has the most efficient stat spread for this build. Also allows flexible approaches in melee.

Active Gifts (Dark):

  • Blood Barrage: A good close-range
  • Vodnik Mass: The bababooey cannon. An insane damage multiplier coupled with a fast travel time make this spell fantastic.
  • Chaotic Ash: The extreme ichor consumption of this build practically necessitates Chaotic Ash to be used as an offset.
  • Purging Thorn: The cool nuke.

Active Gifts (Light):

  • Bridge to Glory: Self-explanatory.
  • Restorative Offering: Self-explanatory.
  • Disremember: Resets your longer cooldowns for an immediate follow-up.
  • Cleansing Light: Heal yo self.

Passive Gifts:

  • Avarice: Better ichor management.
  • M/W Up: Better scaling.
  • W/S Up: Ditto.
  • Wildcard: Put whatever here tbh, I use Regenerative Drain but there are definitely better skills.

Blood Veil:

  • Suicide Spur: Best dark scaling in the game.


  • Any Bayonet: Quick mobility is pretty important here, but if you're in a pinch...
  • Greatsword: Any will do, so long as you're still at normal mobility. The W/S Up helps a lot here.

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