General Information

This is my first build I ever made and it is just a idea of a support build. Sorry if my english is not the best, but you can always drop some informations or critic. So the idea behind this build was to support your partner in a defensive way so he won't die that easy. 

Blood Codes

The focus in this build is getting a high Mind Stat so your light gifts are getting stronger, I am not 100% sure about the light stat of the Blood Veil but it should increase your light gifts too. Because we want a high Mind Stat the recommendation would be Eos because it also offers a lot of Ichor, decent HP, S Stat on Mind but a low Weight Limit more to that down below.

Weapons and Blood Veil

Iceblood Fortification +10

Libertador Fortification +10 

Noble Silver Fortification +10

That is what I personally use because Iceblood and Libertador are low weight weapons with okay-ish damage and they give you both the quick mobility what makes surviving and dodging as much damage as possible kinda easy.

The Noble Silver has the second lowest weight in the game, an A Mind Scaling and a high Light Gift Stat what makes the Blood Veil probably to the best for this build.

Passive Gifts

Name Description Blood Code
Max Ichor Boost Boosts your Max Ichor by 6 Harmonia
Dexterity/Willpower Up

Increases Dexterity and Willpower

The Dexterity will help you out for Iceblood Requirements

Mind/Vitality Up Increases Mind and Vitality Eos
Improved Regeneration* OR Augmented Regeneration

*Increases the amount of HP restored by regeneration ability

Increases the number of times regeneration can be used



 Active Gifts

Name Description Blood Code
Panacea's Essence Cures you and your partner of all debuffs, or blocks them if used before being afflicted Eos
Sympathetic Boon Consumes a large amount of your own HP to restore a large amount of your partner's HP Eos
Restorative Offering Spends your own HP to restore the HP of companions -
Elemental Wall Temporarily increases resistance to all elements for you and your partner Eos
Regenerator Increases the amount of HP healed by regeneration for both you and your partner Eos
Gift Prowess Temporarily increases Gift speed for you and your partner Harmonia
Foulblood Barrier Creates a single-use barrier around you and your partner that greatly reduces damage Atlas
Blood Sacrifice Spends your own HP to gain ichor Hunter

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    • 16 Oct 2019 21:10  

      ive actually almost this exact setup before and id say to drop elemental wall for something else it seemed useless most of time since most enemies do physical damage maybe drop it for bloodsucking blades if you have at least a b in willpower or hunting feast (Bloodsucking Blades applies to both you and your partner so its better)

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