Weight in Code Vein affects your character's movement speed.

Weight Information

Gifts that affect Weight

  • Revenant's Ambition from the Queen's Breath Blood Code, provides +30% total weight capacity.
  • (Max weight on a character is not determined by their stats/ attributes
  • ??


Items that affect Weight

  • Blood Veil (weight)
  • Weapon (weight)
  • Blood Code


Weight Notes

  • While under the weight limit of the current Blood Code the base mobility applies.
  • Going over the weight limit results in a slower mobility.
  • Being at 50% of the current weight limit results in a faster speed (e.g. 50/100 weight with a normal base will result in quick)
  • Being at 20% results in 2 times faster mobility (e.g. 50/250 weight with a slow base results in quick)



  • Mobility (resulting from weight) determines your dodge animations and iframes
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    • Anonymous

      Here is something odd about weight limit. Perhaps someone can educate me if my thinking is wrong. When we look at our states, and hover over different equipment, blue stats are a sign of increase in that specific stat, while red is a take way, correct? But for weight limit, a minus 17 weight is blue while a +17 is red. I find that odd, for me, Increasing the weight limit should allow you to carry more, so shouldn't increasing it be blue???

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