Venom Mage v1.0 by Overtalker

Blood Code:

  • Darkseeker: Obtained by picking up the Darkseeker Vestige Core, available after the cutscene following the boss of the Dried-up Trenches

Blood Veil:

  • Suicide Spur w/ Fortification: Can be found inside a chest in the Crown Of Sand area. (+7 upgraded) (Alleviation was shown in the photo cause I forgot to change it.)


  • Iceblood w/ Devour: Dropped by Blade Bearer and Cannoneer Boss.


Gift Name Blood Code / RV Gift / Skill Type Gift / Skill Description
Venomous Shot Darkseeker Dark Fires a projectile at your target that inflicts venom
Jupiter's Blade RV Mastery (108) Dark  Uses ichor to create a blade of lighting and swing it in an arc through foes.
Blood Shot Caster Dark Fire a large projectile at an enemy using ichor.
Circulating Pulse Queenslayer Skill Perform five slashes in quick succession.
Blood Sacrifice Hunter Dark Spends your own HP to gain Ichor.
Gift Extension Astrea Light Temporarily lengthens the effects of gifts used by you and your partner.
Venom Mark Ranger Dark Temporarily imbues your equipped weapon with the venom effect.
Gift Prowess Harmonia Dark Temporarily increases gift speed for you and your partner.


Passive Name Blood Code / RV Passive Type Passive Description
Swift Destruction Hephaestus Light Increases damage dealt in proportion to your mobility.
Dexterity / Willpower Up Artemis Light Increases dexterity and willpower.
Blood-Draining Venom Darkseeker Dark Receive ichor when enemies within a certain radius take damage from the venom.
Debuff Build-Up RV Mastery (111) Dark Increases debuff build-up against foes.

Build Overview

What is Venom Mage?

Venom Mage is build built around the Darkseeker Blood Code and its Code-Specific passive 'Blood-Draining Venom' to provide a good amount of ichor to an otherwise fairly simple dark gift caster build with the other spells chosen because of their ichor efficiency and cast speed as the build needs the weave in melee attacks and venomous shot to keep venom applied to the enemy.

Why Darkseeker?

While Darkseeker's stats are fairly below par compared to other caster codes, Darkseeker seems to be more jack-of-all-trades code being able to implement different builds and playstyles into the code with this build just focussing on dark gifts. We use Darkseeker on this build because of its code specific passive called Blood-Draining Venom. This passive gives us about 0.6 ichor per tick of venom damage with this build which over time adds up to a lot of ichor over a boss fight and reduces our usage of Blood Sacrifice keeping us at a safer amount of health. 

Weapon And Veil Choice:

Our choice of weapon is Iceblood with a Devour transformation applied. We use Iceblood as while it isn't the best weapon to gain ichor from attacking with, it is light enough to give us quick mobility with the Spur veil which is important for the Swift Destruction passive. 

A Spur veil is used as it gives us a high willpower gift number and an A scaling in willpower. These are needed badly by this build as it doesn't have enough free passive slots to reach the high willpower scalings that normal caster builds can, coming out with around 150 less dark gift stat than normal casters which would be even less with a different veil.

Explanation Of Passives:

Here's is why we use the passives we use:

  • Swift Destruction - We use this because when we have quick mobility it gives us a 20% damage increase to everything but our poison.
  • Dexterity / Willpower Up - Due to the lack of damage boosting passives for casters this is probably the best option for damage however this passive isn't needed for the build to work so feel free to mix this one around.
  • Blood-Draining Venom - This is key to the build working and why we even use Darkseeker in the first place. The extra Ichor through the fight will allow us to cast more spells without having to use Blood Sacrifice as often.
  • Debuff Build-up - Another key skill to the build. While it isn't an absolute must it greatly increases how quickly we can apply venom to a boss or mob.  

Explanation Of Gifts:

Here is why we use the gifts we use:

  • Venomous Shot: We use this to aid in applying venom to a target at range. It also deals a decent amount of damage for its ichor cost sho should be used whenever it's available in a boss fight.
  • Jupiter's Blade: The blade skills for caster in general deal good damage and have a low cooldown with a not too high ichor cost. Any of the blade skills can be used and Jupiter's Blade is just my preferred choice.
  • Blood Shot: Ok yes this skill is one of the first you learn and not very exciting however it shouldn't be underestimated. It has a quick cast time, low ichor cost and good damage for the amount of ichor it costs. This combination means it can be weaved into your Jupiter's Blades and Venomous Shots very nicely.
  • Circulating Pulse: This skill is here purely to apply venom in a fight quickly. It shouldn't be used after this as our melee damage is terrible.
  • Blood Sacrifice: This skill is used to apply buffs before a boss fight and rarely during the fight as Blood Draining Venom alone isn't enough to let us keep casting spells infinitely but greatly helps.
  • Gift Extension: Pretty simple, lets us keep our buffs up for the majority of a fight.
  • Venom Mark: Lets us apply venom quicker.
  • Gift Prowess: Lets us cast our already quick casting spells even quicker.

Buffing Order:

Gift Extension > Blood Sacrifice > Regeneration > Gift Prowess > Blood Sacrifice > Regeneration > Venom Mark > Blood Sacrifice > Regeneration


Yes, I know this build won't kill as quickly as a Queenslayer or kill as fast as a pure caster build. This build was made to make a viable venom centred build and I feel it does that well.

Build In Action:



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    • Anonymous

      06 Dec 2020 22:41  

      I took a slightly different approach, mine works well against bosses but struggles with mobs. Pipe venom+10, black halberd venom +6, spur +9, blood draining venom, charisma/rev dagger, debuff buildup, opportunism, mark trap web and shot all venom, panacea,. Bridge, circulating pulse, modest offering. Always bring either white mia or up, white mia for defense buff on revives io for her tankiness and huge healing in addition to her other incredibly useful gifts, io is best when in leak and inhibit areas mia is best if you are front lining as she is a massive ranged assist and with her new code for white version she can be even more helpful with keeping your ichor up safely. If you want you can modify it to a dual drain of health and ichor fairly easily by substituting panacea and pulse for stake and elder contract or thorn. Honestly using this build can work for all statuses but you sac a chunk of ichor prod for anything other than venom. I found the pipe to be perfect to get the venom to proc without drawing agro which is useful for a lot of things, also if you want to have a stealthy status mage drop panacea and pulse for nightstalker and night fog veil, between the two of those plus a sound dampener and camo you are able to literally backstab every enemy aside from black/white knight wandering woman and various mini bosses. I found the stealth to be nice but when you get to a boss you should switch to full stat dmg. As for how much buildup gets applied it seems to vary depending on the weapon, a posing pipe for example can usually proc in 1.5 full combos where a poisoned huge hammer heavy strike will hit 3/4 in just one swing (all basic shirtless mobs that use gauntlets for weapons and wear a strange tannish green shorts on my+ enhanced first area mission) heavier attacks add more per hit but weak attacks hit more often an exception being wolf king blade who hits faster on heavy than on light.

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