Vampire Sniper | v1.02 | Written by Miiyabee

In game name: Poppy | Codename: Lollipop

Blood Code

Blood Veil

  • Ivory Grace Fortification +10 (weight 12) (found in a chest at Provisional Government Outskirts Location)


  • Libertador Intensification +10 (weight 24) (exchange with Eva, costs 50 Trading Points)


Gift Blood Code Tree Type Description
Ranged Impact Hunter Light Temporarily increases the attack power of shots fired from weapons.
Overdrive Assassin Light Temporarily increases your and your partner's attack. The effect ends when you take damage.
Time Crunch Scathach Dark Uses ichor to temporarily speed up charged actions.
Blood Sacrifice Hunter Light Spends your own HP to gain ichor.
Cleansing Light Queenslayer Light For a limited time, a portion of the damage you take will slowly heal automatically.
Gift Extension Astrea Light Temporarily lengthens the effects of Gifts used by you and your partner.
Supernatural Blood Harmonia Dark Enables you to sacrifice HP to use Gifts when you have run out of ichor. 
Chaotic Ash Queen Dark  Fires a draining projectile that robs the target of ichor. 


Gift Blood Code Tree Description
Bayonet Mastery Artemis Light Increases attack power when equipped with a bayonet.
Swift Destruction Hephaestus Light Increases damage dealt in proportion to your mobility.
Mind/Willpower Up Harmonia Light Increases mind and willpower by one step.
Mind/Vitality Up Eos Light Increases mind and vitality by one step.

Build Description

Vampire Sniper is a build focused around using your own HP to consistently maintain bayonet-shot up-time. As we're nearing Halloween I thought there'd be no better build suited to the occasion than feasting on your own life force to continue dealing damage. Combining the effects of Cleansing Light and Supernatural Blood, we allow ourselves to use HP as a supplement for ichor - losing minimal amounts per shot. While not as high damage as a Final Journey build, 'tis the season to have some fun and channel your inner vampire. 

Why Harmonia?

Well, I'm glad you asked. During some blood code testing, Harmonia came out as the 2nd highest 'shot-damage' blood code without any actives/passives, falling short only to Queen. Due to this, I asked myself; "What can I do to make Harmonia a good Bayonet blood code?". As soon as I realized that Supernatural Blood was also effective on bayonet shots, my question was answered. Take into account the higher Mind/Willpower stats of the blood code (which effect the bayonet's shot damage) and you have a good outline for a bayonet build. One of the biggest problems with bayonets is the ichor-management - in other builds you would either need to blood sacrifice or drain damage to restore ichor, with Harmonia and Supernatural Blood, there's no need to worry about pausing to reload. Your own blood is all you need!

Weapons and Blood Veil

Similar to my other build, Poppy Shot, the Vampire Sniper build utilizes both the Libertador and Ivory Grace Blood Veil. I'll start on the topic of weapons. Unlike other builds that utilize Bayonets, without using passive gifts that boost either (or both) strength/dexterity, you are extremely capped into what you can use on Harmonia in terms of weapons - lucky for us, Libertador is equippable without a single passive buff. Libertador, in my opinion, is the best bayonet for shot-damage play. It boasts a C stat in both Mind & Willpower to help increase the scaling on damage. While other bayonet's may have a higher stat in one of these stats, Libertador is the only bayonet that has a high rating in both. In regards to the Vampire Sniper build there are not many good alternatives in the small pool of other bayonets - your choices include Rubellite Piercer, Bayonet, Queenslayer Bayonet, Sunset Bayonet and Lost Bayonet. Trust me on this one, stick with the Libertador. 

Secondary weapons on this build are also a small pool of choice - it's entirely optional to the player what they equip as a secondary, however, it's worth noting that this build does primarily focus on the bayonet. Due to this, other weapons may not be as effective in this set up. 

Blood Veil this time around is going to be Ivory Grace (or if you're galaxy brain like me, Imperial Raiment). Weighing in as the lightest veil with a weight of 12, Ivory Grace allows us to maintain the 'quick' mobility speed without relying on Final Journey (see any Queenslayer build). While I would usually advise a secondary of Noble Silver, the weight category classes the build at a 'normal' speed, so you would have to use a transformation of Alleviation to maintain the 'quick' speed and get the most use out of Swift Destruction. If you're happy using Ivory Grace, welcome to the club, please enjoy an intensification or fortification transformation!


Passive Gifts

Our passive gifts allow us to increase our overall bayonet-shot damage all round.

  • 'Bayonet Mastery' is key to any bayonet build, Vampire Sniper included. This passive gift increases the bayonet's damage in both physical, light shot and heavy shot damage and must be taken. 
  • 'Swift Destruction' is an amazing gift that increases your damage relative to your mobility speed. As we will be at 'quick' speed, we'll be getting the most out of this gift and increasing our damage exponentially. 
  • 'Mind/Willpower Up'  is an obvious choice for a shot-focused build. Our shots scale with our mind/willpower stats so an increase to both of these is essential. This will increase our Mind/Willpower stats to B+ / S respectively. 
  • 'Mind/Vitality Up' will not only increase our mind stat, but allows us access to Cleansing Light, a gift that is essential to this build. The mind boost here increases our stat to an A and raises our Vitality to a C+. 

Active Gifts

Active Gifts in this build revolve around firstly increasing our shot damage, then our shot speed and finally allowing us to channel our inner Dracula.

  • 'Ranged Impact' is essential to any bayonet build. This gift increases our shot-damage by 50%. Although it is an amazing gift, you should be aware that this skill is cursed with a short up-time duration. I advise you keep your eye out for this and ensure that it is maintained at all costs. When it drops, you'll really feel it. 
  • 'Overdrive' is a 25% increase to damage and will last until you are hit by enemy damage - any damage will remove this, even if it is minimal. Our mobility helps in regards to dodging and sprinting to make avoiding damage easier.
  • 'Time Crunch' increases the charge-speed of charge attacks, yes, that includes the heavy-shot option on bayonets. It's also worth noting that this gift does stack with the item 'Charge Booster' and the passive gift 'Charge Accelerator'. Even though we're not using the latter, still nice to know that you can slowly turn yourself in a sped-up monster!
  • 'Blood Sacrifice' is an ichor-sustain ability. While we won't be using this a lot, it's largely used in the opener to recover enough ichor to use the other active gifts that are essential. I would advise keeping this on your actives just in case, but this can be swapped out for other gifts of your choice after the set-up. Considerable options are any dark-magic gift (Harmonia will level out an S Willpower so it would be high damage), a defensive gift or a restorative gift for co-op play.
  • 'Cleansing Light' is the bread to this build. Cleansing Light allows for HP restoration when damage is inflicted. Both Blood Sacrifice and Supernatural Blood activate this gifts ability, meaning we can restore health after deliberately losing health. Enemy damage also activates this gift so if you are hit and do survive, after a few seconds HP will be restored. 
  • 'Gift Extension' is a gift that simply extends the duration of all other gifts. As we're using a combination of buffs and personal-support gifts here, it's invaluable to have this. However, as it is of a DLC Blood Code origin (Astrea) you are able to swap this out if you do not own it. Please refer to the above list of alternatives under 'Blood Sacrifice' to consider alternative options.
  • 'Supernatural Blood' is the meat of the build. Supernatural Blood uses HP to use gift-abilities when out of ichor. Paired alongside Cleansing Light this means that we'll be losing less than 50HP for a light shot, and less than 80HP for a heavy shot. I find this to be amazing as it means there will be no reason to reload unless low on HP - in which case it's simply just a HP restorative item!
  • 'Chaotic Ash' will be an ichor recovery gift - this gift steals ichor from the enemy and has to be used in close range. This is nice because it means you can recover ichor at the beginning of a fight instead of jumping right into spending your HP. If you don't much care for Chaotic Ash (which I would not blame you for as it requires melee range) then the alternatives listed above may also be of interest to you. 


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