You want to play a Mage, but are not a fan of the lock on option? You don't like standing around casting for 2 Seconds just to get hit at the last moment and your spell fails? You like to be up close to the enemy, and using the options to increase your Maximum Ichor? Boy do i have a build for you.

I proudly present:


The Sword Spam Summoner

Slay the enemy with stylish summoned blades. Then recover your Ichor on an easy target by hitting it with your sword, recovering it in a matter of seconds.
Also try to increase your max Ichor while fighting nonboss enemys, makes fighting the big guys way easier, cause the only thing limiting you is your maximum Ichor.

And if you get into the focused state, you can burn/brizzle/quickfrost/bloodinate? everything in your sight with the reduced Ichor cost on your Spells, which are reduced by 40-50% in this state.


Blood Code:
Queen's Throat - for it's awesome unique passive, best Ichor stat and quick mobility


2x Sunset Sword Devour - Low Weight, and fastest Ichor Revocery.
Why 2x? Cause one is Upgraded with +10, and the other is not. You can switch to the +0 Version if you really need Ichor on that one last Trashmob, but would kill him too fast with the other blade.


Blood Veil:
Suicide Spur Alleviation - Best Option
Alternative: Blackblood Liberator (Intensification if you don't care about Counter Dmg) - If you like the Claw Counter better, but you need to slot Revenants Ambition as a passive to get back to quick mobility.


Passive Gifts:
Swift Destruction - 20% Moar Dmg while you have quick Mobility. Too good to pass up.
Ichor Reduction - Reduces Ichor cost by 2 while you are focused - Our Spells cost 4-5 Ichor, which is a massive reduction.
Dark Impulse - Moar Spelldmg while you are focused - Burn them down even faster!
Weapon Drain Rating Up - So you can recover Ichor faster
Savy Evasion - So you reach focused state quicker
(Revenants Ambition if you want to use Blackblood Liberator)

I know these are 5, but you can swap them out quickly whenever you feel like it. For Example, if you enter a boss room with 60 Ichor, you probably won't need Weapon Drain.


Active Gifts:
Dusk Edge / Crimson Moon / Aurora Flash / Jupiters Blade (/ possibly Execution?)
The Sword Summon Skills that this build is focused around. You should slot at least 2 of those, 3 if you want to spam a full rotation of only these in 2 Seconds. One of them does around 5400 Dmg on the Target Dummy with this setup. Aurora Flash (weakest one) does 5950 Dmg on the live Dummy in the Training Area and 7730 While focused.
In the fo They have a very fast cast animation and a 2 Second Cooldown with 5 Ichor cost (which gets reduced to 3 while focused).

Ember Reversal
Our ranged Dmg Option, and your 3rd skill in the Rotation if you want to go with just 2 Sword Spells.
It has a good Range, costs 4 Ichor (2 focused), and has a 1 Second Cooldown. A great Spell to spam if you don't want to get to close to the boss right now, or kill those pesky Archers quickly.
It does 4050 Dmg on the Target Dummy, and 4900 on the live Dummy -  6380 while focused.
Just don't stand to close to the wall while casting, the projectiles need a little space.

Bloodsucking Blades and Gift Prowess
You will need all the Ichor-Drain you can get, and spam the Swordspells as fast as you can. Those 2 should always be active, and they also extend to your Teampartner(s)

Cognitive Zeal
Boosts your Damage a bit, costs 4 Ichor, lasts long, and has a 5 Second Cooldown. You can probably swap this one out with something else if you want to.


After that you can slot whatever you like. Good Options are Restorative Offering, Shifting Hollow and other Utility Spells.
Blood Awakening and Ephemeral Refrain could also be options, but I'm not a fan of communal skills, so I don't have enough expierience with those.


Have fun and tell me how you like it in the comments :-)







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    • Anonymous

      27 May 2020 13:42  

      Using Chaotic Ash for some free ichor in NG+ seems like it would be very good as well, and Queen's Throat has the Mind/Will to use it

      • Anonymous

        18 Oct 2019 22:24  

        Is there a trick to getting focused? So far I've found myself avoiding any sort of strategy that relies on it due to how unreliable it is to trigger.

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