Self-Important Revenant is an NPC and Quest Giver in Code Vein. He is a revenant found at the Ruined City Center. Although he may seem tough on the outside, this revenant only wishes to find a shelter for the rest of the surviving revenants. NPCs are individual characters that are encountered during the course of the game that may or may not provide benefits.



Location of Self-Important Revenant

  • Players must first clear the locations mentioned for this NPC to appear
  • He is first encountered and can be found at the Parking Garage of the Ruined City Center
  • After completing the first quest, he moves the Decayed Ship Interior of the Dried-up Trenches then to the Poisonous Butterfly Nest of the Ruined City Center



Self-Important Revenant Quests

First Request: Clear the Park

Location: Parking Garage - Ruined City Center. After defeating the Butterfly of Delirium and reloading the area.

For this revenant to show up, you'll have to complete and defeat the boss of the Ruined City Center. Once you've completed the requirements, teleport to the Parking Garage Mistle of the Ruined City Center and you'll find the Self-Important Revenant there. Speak to him and he'll ask for your help to clear the path of Lost that's preventing him from exploring further, simply teleport or travel to the Park Ruins Mistle of the Ruined City Center and kill the enemy that's indicated on your map. Report back to the revenant after killing the enemy and you'll be rewarded with 1x Loss Shard (M).


Second Request: Cliffs of Rust

Location: Decayed Ship Interior - Dried-up Trenches

For the second quest, make sure you've also cleared out and defeated the boss of the said location as well as completed the first request of the Self-Important Revenant. Simply travel to the Decayed Ship Interior Mistle of the Dried-up Trenches and you'll find the revenant standing next to the ladder, speak to him and he'll give you 1x Map: Cliffs of Rust and asks for your help to investigate the area for a bloodsping.

Now, Head back to Home Base and speak to Davis to access the Depths: Cliffs of Rust, the location will be marked with a red indicator on your map once you arrive at the depths. All you have to do is follow it, kill the enemies, and clear/complete the depths. After that's done, report back to the Self-Important Revenant and he'll give you 1x Condensed Loss Shard (M) as a reward.

NOTE; will not show up until you first complete Ridge of Frozen Souls later in the story. 


Third Request: A Shelter for Revenants

Location: Poisonous Butterfly Nest - Ruined City Center

After completing the second request, the revenant will move to the Poisonous Butterfly Nest where you fought the Butterfly of Delirium at the Ruined City Center, speak to him and he'll ask you to find an activated mistle. To find this, teleport to the Research Facility Area Mistle at the Memories of Player then head back to the camp where the rest of the NPCs are such as KarenGregorioAurora, and other revenants. You won't miss the item since it will be marked with a white indicator on your map, and you'll find 1x Mistle Agent on top of the military supplies. Once you have the item, teleport back to the Poisonous Butterfly Nest and hand in the item to the revenant - he'll reward you with 1x Condensed Loss Shard (L) and 1x RV Mastery (113) for completing his request. Be sure to reset the area and speak to him a final time to trigger a flag for another NPC quest.

NOTE; He will not show up until you first complete the City of Falling Flame later in the story



Self-Important Revenant Notes and Tips

  • This NPC provides you with the Map: Cliffs of Rust for the Depths: Cliffs of Rust
  • Players must clear out the indicated locations first for Self-Important Revenant to appear
  • Some NPCs require you to leave the location, revisit it, then talk to them to obtain the next request
  • The Self-Important Revenant shows up in the base camp of Operation Queenslayer during the flashback. He has no quest here, but can be talked to like the other Revenants of the flashback.




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