1. Revenant Dagger

    rev dag
    "Throws a knife that
    grants ichor when it strikes a foe"
    Tree Dark
    Gift Type Passive
    Required Stats
    Proficiency Requirement  None

Revenant Dagger is an Passive Gift in Code Vein. Revenant Dagger is a gift not found in a Blood Code. Through Gifts, players may perform unique actions such as buffing and healing themselves and their Companions, debuffing Enemies or dealing direct damage to enemies. 



Revenant Dagger Information

  • Usage: Hitting enemies with Daggers generates Ichor. The in-game description is misleading, and does not cause the player to throw daggers.
  • Max Out Proficiency:
    • Revenant Dagger is automatically available for all Blood Codes when using Rv Mastery (117)


Revenant Dagger Acquisition

  • This gift can be received from Shang after saving him from a Lost invasion. 


Revenant Dagger Notes

  • Whenever the player hits an enemy with a Dagger, they will gain one half (0.5) Ichor.
  • This is not affected by Drain Rating (either weapon or blood veil's), nor any other stat at all.
  • In theory the player can get up to 12.5 Ichor (since the dagger limit is of 25)


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    • Anonymous

      Okay so I tested it out and it seems that it gives you 1 ichor every time you hit an enemy with dagger. So it does not allow you to throw daggers using this skill - it is passive, because you still need to buy and use daggers, but when you hit something with it this skill gives you 1 ichor per every hit. Plase fix description from active to passive gift.

      • Anonymous

        I got it thanks to RV Mastery item but it went to my passive abilities. How the hell am I supposed to throw a dagger if it is in passive skills?!

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