Queen's Hammer Build v1.0 For Code Vein By Overtalker


Blood Code

- Queenslayer (Defeat the Boss at "Memories of Player" Location)
- Stats: STR B+, DEX A, MIND B, WILL C+, VIT C+, FORT C (Base)
- Ichor: 20(40)
- Weight Limit: 100

Blood Veil
                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Noble Silver Fortification +10 (Weight 24.2) (A base Noble Silver found in a chest at the City of Falling Flame then needs to be transformed with an Atlas Chrome)

                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Huge Hammer Fortification +10 (Weight 100.05) (A base +6 version can be found in a chest in Ashern Cavern then needs to be transformed with an Atlas Chrome) 
- Burned Warhammer Fortification +10 (Weight 82.80) (Found in the City of Falling Flame then needs to be transformed with an Atlas Chrome)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Impact Wave (Atlas) (Light) (Temporarily adds a shockwave attack to strike attacks that deals additional damage)
- Dragon Lunge (Berserker) (Attack) (Dash forward and make a powerful overhead attack)
- Adrenaline (Fighter) (Light) (Temporarily boosts attack power)
- Bridge to Glory (Eos) (Light) (Temporarily boosts attack power)

- Final Journey (Queenslayer) (Light) (Immediately restores all HP and increases abilities but kills you after a short time)
- Overdrive (Assassin) (Light) (Temporarily increases your and your companion's attack. The effect ends when you take damage) //OR// [Element] Weapon (Various) (Light) (Temporarily adds [Element] damage to you and your partner's current weapons)
- Blood Sacrifice (Hunter) (Dark) (Spends your own HP to gain Ichor) (20% for 6 Ichor)
- Gift Extension (Astrea) (Light) (Temporarily lengthens the effects of gifts used by you and your partner) (Still usable without it however you will need to buff more)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Swift Destruction (Hephaestus) (Light) (Increases damage dealt in proportion to your mobility) 
- Hammer Mastery (Fionn) (Light) (Increases attack power when equipped with a Hammer)
- Mind/Vitality Up (Eos) (Light) (Increases Mind and Vitality) 
- Weapon Drain Rating Up (Caster) (Dark) (Increases the drain rating of weapon attacks)                                                                    //OR// (Personal preference for final passive)

Build Description
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          A modified version of fextralife's Red Shockwave build which I believe performs better swapping out Fionn for Queenslayer as the stun-locking capability of Fionn and it's skill 'Red Shoes' didn't work well for me so it's been switched for Queenslayer for its skill 'Final Journey' with changes to the passives to make it work.

Despite only having a B+ scaling in strength compared to Fionn's A+ scaling, the damage boost that Queenslayer provides more than makes up for it. Having Final Journey provide a huge attack power increase PLUS giving quick mobility means we get an extra 20% damage from Swift Destruction however when it isn't active Swift Destruction will provide no bonus damage as our mobility will be slow.                           

Our weapons are Huge Hammer and Burned Warhammer as these are the two hammer weapons I've seen so far that can spam overhead light attacks to constantly trigger Impact Wave.

Noble Silver is used because as far as I know, it gives the highest light gift numbers of any blood veil currently in-game. 

Hammer Mastery and Swift Destruction are pretty explanatory for why they're on this build as they give a massive boost in damage. Mind/Vitality Up is mandatory as it increases our Mind and Vitality enough to be able to use Bridge To Glory and Impact Wave.

Buff Rotation list

Gift Extension --> Final Journey --> Blood Sacrifice --> Overdrive --> Blood Sacrifice --> Bridge To Glory --> Blood Sacrifice --> Adrenaline --> Impact Wave



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    • coincidentally my hammer build is almost identical but i use Swift destruction for a 10% boost since my mobility is normal and i prefer tormenting blast to dragon lunge since it seems to have better tracking to me and its way faster and cools down in less than half the time for the same cost and its not much weaker

      • coincidentally this is the same as my hammer build except i use swift destruction over weapon drain since im in normal mobility and may not be the 20% boost of quick but 10% and bad and i and i prefer tormenting blast to dragon lunge because dragon lunge may be stronger but for me it seems to have horrible tracking

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