Queen's Claw

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MIND  C+ ICHOR  30(50)

Queen's Claw is a Blood Code (Class) in Code Vein. Queen's Claw short description. Blood Codes can be changed on the fly which grants the player various Gifts, changes the player's Stats and provides the ability to equip various Weapons and Blood Veils.

A blood code with some of the queen's power received from Emily's relic. It creates a disturbing feeling that gnaws from within, but provides dizzying power that rushes through the blood. This code enables you to control the battlefield by overwhelming enemies with both gifts and physical attacks.


How to unlock Queen's Claw and Queen's Claw Vestiges


  • Defeat the boss of the City of Falling Flame area, Successor of the Claw, and do not restore Emily's memories during the final memory sequence. The option to restore her memories won't be available if you don't restore all Scathach vestiges before the fight.
  • If you choose to restore Emily's memories, you will receive the Scathach blood code instead.
  • This blood code does not have any associated Vestige.


Queen's Claw Notes, Tips and Builds





Queen's Claw Gifts

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Gift Queen's Claw Tree Type Gift Type Description
Rose Flame Dark Active Scatters fire bombs that explode after a short time, damaging anything in the area.
Fire Lily Dark Active Shoots out a swift blade. A short time after sticking into something, it detonates.
Sly Vengeance Dark Active For a limited time, taking damage generates fiery projectiles that attack the enemy.
Increased gift speed Light Passive Increases the speed of your gifts.



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    • Anonymous

      the biggest problem in this game is bridge to glory. making any melee build without it just isn't worth it. it needs to be adjusted so that blood codes like this one are more viable.

      • Anonymous

        Yea it’s basically a glass cannon build! Totally offense type. I equipped dex and dex/wild to give an S rank dex with the blazing claw and Mia boy ante does major damage

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