Poppy Shot Build

Poppy Shot Build | v1.0 | Written by Miiyabee

In game name: Poppy | Codename: Lollipop

Blood Code

  • Queenslayer (defeat the Boss at "Memories of Player" Location)
  • Stats: STR B+, DEX A, MIND B, WILL C+, VIT C+, FORT C
  • Ichor: 20 (40)
  • Max Weight: 100

Blood Veil

  • Ivory Grace Intensification +10 (weight 12) (found in a chest at Provisional Government Outskirts Location)


  • Libertador Fortification +10 (weight 24) (exchange with Eva, costs 50 Trading Points)


Gift Name Bloodcode Tree Type Description
Final Journey Queenslayer Light Immediately restores all HP and increases all abilities, but kills you after some time.
Ranged Impact Hunter Light Temporarily increases the attack power of shots fired from weapons.
Overdrive Assassin Light Temporarily increases your and your partner's attack. The effect ends when you take damage. 
Adrenaline Fighter Light Temporarily boosts attack power.
Flashing Fang Atlas Light Increases the power of the next attack.
Cleansing Light Queenslayer Light For a limited time, a portion of the damage you take will slowly heal automatically.
Blood Sacrifice Hunter Dark Spends your own HP to gain ichor.
Time Crunch Scathach Dark Uses ichor to temporarily speed up charged actions.


Gift Bloodcode Tree Description
Bayonet Mastery Artemis Light Increases attack power when equipped with a bayonet.
Swift Destruction Hephaestus Light Increases damage dealt in proportion to your mobility.
Strength/Dexterity Up Prometheus Light Increases strength and dexterity.
Mind/Willpower Up Harmonia Light Increases mind and willpower.

 Build Description

Build Overview

Poppy Shot is a high-damage bayonet build that is designed to be extremely agile while dealing high heavy-shot damage. Due to the frailty of Ivory Grace, we take the Cleansing Light gift to ensure we can heal some of the damage we receive. Poppy Shot not only excels during boss fights but also allows you to deal high damage during area-exploration without expending all of your ichor. 


It should come as no surprise that a high damage build focuses itself around one gift in particular; Final Journey. Queenslayer, while primarily a melee based bloodcode, allows for high damage with bayonets as well. Final Journey's buff is nothing to laugh at, this ability is what allows us to increase our damage by 50%. It's the meat and the bones of any Queenslayer build. Aside from Final Journey, the Queenslayer bloodcode offers some nice base stats coming in with a dexterity of A, Mind of B and Willpower of C+. As shot damage scales from Mind and Willpower, with a few passives we can change that to an A+, B+ and B respectively. 

Weapons and Blood Veil

It's time to talk weapons. This build utilizes Eva's trading purchase gun, 'Libertador'. Libertador is the only bayonet that has both mind and willpower equally high (sitting on a C stat for both). Other bayonets boast a higher singular stat, but as show damage scales per both the mind and willpower stat, the Libertador will allow us to obtain the highest damage with a heavy shot (costing 2 ichor per shot). An alternative for Libertador would be Mia's 'Brodiaea'. Brodiaea has a longer range than Libertador, the damage drop-off in comparison is quite noticeable - however, it is by no means a bad choice as a supplement for Libertador. A secondary weapon is entirely down to user's choice in this build. As we focus around enhancing the shot potential of the bayonet weaponry, a secondary will not receive as much love. I would advise picking a lighter-weight weapon such as Executioner, Iceblood or Blazing Claw - all 3 of these options will keep the 'quick' speed of the build intact. 

In regards to our Blood Veil, we use Ivory Grace due to the weight of the veil. Weighing in as the lightest veil at a weight of 12, we use Ivory Grace to ensure that both our weapons fall within the 'quick' category. If you're only focused on using the 'Libertador' and do not care about the weight of a secondary weapon then Noble Shadow weighs in at 22 with higher defenses and maintaining 'quick' on the bayonet itself. Another alternative is the Night Thorn veil which is slightly heavier at 26.4 and boasts higher defense in some defensive stats - again, quick momentum is maintain on the Bayonet. 

Passive Gifts

Our passive gifts are here to increase our damage and allow us access to Flashing Fang.

  • 'Bayonet Mastery' is an obvious choice for a bayonet build, this passive gift is essential to the build as we will be only using the bayonet class. You'd be surprised by just how much this does for us.
  • 'Swift Destruction' increases our damage in relation to our mobility, which will be listed as 'quick' - due to this we're receiving maximum benefit from the passive. Perfect for an agile-glass build such as Poppy Shot. 
  • 'Strength/Dexterity Up' may come across as an odd choice for a bayonet build but we use this passive gift to increase our strength to A, allowing us access to Flashing Fang, an active gift we will talk about below. 
  • 'Mind/Willpower Up' is an obvious choice for a shot-focused build. As our shots scale by both of these stats this passive is essential to Poppy Shot. This passive raises our Mind stat to a B+ and our Willpower to a B.

Active Gifts

Now let's touch on our active gifts. Our build consists of a lot of buffs so let's cover them all and go over how they flow into each other. It's worth noting; there are a lot of weapon buff gifts in Code Vein that increase weapon damage, however, the large majority of these gifts do not effect bullets. 

  • 'Final Journey', as explained above under Queenslayer, is an insanely good gift that is isolated to the Queenslayer bloodcode. Final Journey increases our abilities by roughly 50% (if not spot exactly 50%). However, this ability will kill you after a period of time. Due to this, Final Journey should only be used during boss-fights. Due to this gifts duration, you have plenty of time to damage down the bosses before the death counter is up. 
  • 'Ranged Impact' is essential to any bayonet build. This gift increases our damage by another 50% (can you see where this is going yet?). With a low ichor cost of 5, it's highly advised you keep Ranged Impact up at all times to make sure your damage output is as high as it can be. 
  • 'Overdrive' is a 25% increase to damage and will last until you are hit by enemy damage - any damage will remove this, even if it is minimal. Our mobility helps in regards to dodging and sprinting to make avoiding damage easier. If you are hit, Overdrive has an ichor cost of 5 so doesn't cost too much to reactivate, however, we'll be needing that ichor for refreshing Ranged Impact and our bullets. 
  • 'Adrenaline' is very similar to Overdrive however it works on a timer and increases our damage by 10%. While Adrenaline can be refreshed mid-combat, Ranged Impact should get priority due to the 40% difference in buffs - with that being said, Adrenaline cements it's place in our opener to increase our damage that little bit further. 
  • 'Flashing Fang', to put it lightly, makes your opening shot hit like a truck. Coming in with an incredible 100% increase to your next shot, Flashing Fang is a must-have for our opener. If a boss staggers mid fight and other gifts are active, I would advise using this safety period to apply this gift to make your next shot do amazing damage. It is worth noting, however, this buff will disappear on any attack. This includes misfires and misses. 
  • 'Cleansing Light' helps us stay alive in dire circumstances. In a build about replenishing ammo and being as fragile as the ice in Ridge of Frozen Souls, Cleansing Light is essential to help us preserve our healing items and assist with healing through Blood Sacrifice. In the circumstances you do take damage, this gift will help patch you up to a certain degree. Very much appreciated.
  • 'Blood Sacrifice' is our reload. Replenishing 6 ichor at a time, Blood Sacrifice will come in extremely handy after our initial shots, helping us reapply gifts and continue firing without having to melee the enemy. Blood Sacrifice will take ~20% of your health per use which can be recovered with the above gift, Cleansing Light. For longer fights, Blood Sacrifice is extremely useful. 
  • 'Time Crunch' allows us to increase the speed we fire off our charged shots, this can be the difference between 2 or 3 shots before having to dodge. However, while Time Crunch allows us to fit in more damage per minute, this is one of the only gifts in the build that is interchangeable with other gifts. Alternatives could be Gift Extension (Astrea) or Chaotic Ash (Queen). Gift Extension would allow the sustain of the build's gift duration and focus on using ichor for shots in exchange for charge-time, while Chaotic Ash offers a sustain option to the build in the form of stealing ichor to save HP in exchange for charge-time. 

Gift Activation Order

As mentioned above, in this section I will cover what order to use the active gifts in. In the case you have taken Gift Extension over Time Crunch, that would be applied first above any other gifts. This activation order is assuming you have not drain-attacked and gained more ichor, and assuming the user has 20 ichor as per the base Queenslayer bloodcode. 

  • Cleansing Light
  • Flashing Fang
  • Blood Sacrifice
  • Overdrive
  • Blood Sacrifice
  • Adrenaline
  • Blood Sacrifice
  • (Time Crunch)
  • Blood Sacrifice to 19/20 ichor
  • Ranged Impact
  • Blood Sacrifice
  • Final Journey (restores HP to full)
  • Blood Sacrifice to 20/20 ichor


Poppy Shot


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