Mark Of Honor


The special mark of those who have accomplished great feats with fellow revenants.

Mark Of Honor is an Item in Code Vein. Items are used for a variety of purposes, such as consumable buffs, key items, and as upgrade materials. Items can be looted from Enemies and/or Bosses, chests, given by NPCs, and are sold by Merchants.


Mark Of Honor Usage

  • Collecting these lets others know of your activities in the area and improves your reputation as a companion.


Mark Of Honor Locations

  • You may find Mark Of Honor by accomplishing certain feats in multiplayer such as defeating a Boss.
  • 100% dropped by bosses in the Depths: Tower of Trial I, II and III. Also potential reward for any floor completed.
  • Can drop at a very low rate from main bosses in the Depths.
  • You can also obtain Mark Of Honor from a very (very) rare drop from the Black Knight Lost found in various places in the game. They are also a very rare drop from the White Knight Lost (you can kill about 7 a minute) at the final area before the end boss, but also from their other spawn points as well.
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Blood: In the part of the walkthrough named Outlook Tower, from the Mistle continue towards the path and then make a right. You should find yourself in a tower looking room with a couple of flight of stairs leading down. Head down, and then make a right. You'll find yourself inside another room where a Female Lost Warrior is standing next to a pile of boxes. Kill it then destroy the boxes to find 1x Mark of Honor.
  • City of Failing Flame: In the part of the walkthrough named Razed Cityscape, from the chest which a containing 1x Burned Warhammer +6 make a right from the ladder where you'll find another Queen Titanium and a Lost Knight. Make sure to kill the enemy to obtain 1x Mark of Honor and 7441 Haze - also you'll find the Scathach Vestige Part B just around the corner near where the Lost Knight was standing.
  • Provisional Government Center: In the part of the walkthrough named Provisional Government Center Entrance, you'll encounter two more Lost Knight. Kill the enemies, then break the boxes and glass capsule that's on the right to find a secret room. You'll find 1x Mark of Honor beside a dead Lost Knight - a Sunset Axe-Wielding Lost will ambush you once you pick up the item. 


Notes and Tips

  • 400 Marks of Honors are required to reach maximum reputation and get the Exalted Reputation achievement
  • Defeating secondary bosses in the depths in co-op will award the players with a Mark of Honor without sending the helper to their world.
  • Easy way to farm Mark of Honor in coop is in the depths. Each miniboss will award 1 Mark in addition to the 1 Mark for the endboss. 3-5 Marks per run depending on the depth map.
  • Can be farmed rather effectively on the first floor of the Tower of Trials II in the Depths. It's dropped by the Executioner Type Lost on the right of the arena with ∼20% chance so just kill it and warp back using the mistle root item to repeat several times a minute depending on your DPS. The other Executioner Type Lost does not have the same drops so ignore it. It helps to use the Revenant's Greed passive skill to increase the chance of the drop and the Night Fog Veil active skill to avoid being mobbed by them both when you drop into the arena. Managed 33 in a little under an hour.



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    • Anonymous

      Need someone to farm these with. PSN is dom_the_broski. I’ve already got like 80 but yk needing 400 I’ll want some help lol

      • Anonymous

        Anyone wanna help me and yourself to grind some medals for the trophy?
        Username is: Riku-sensei06
        This place is perfect for it. Will take a while but doing the den of darkness map is quite doable.

        • Anonymous

          for the executioner type lost, it's the right from to mistle pov but from the map, it's left
          and that executioner, for whatever reason, has a bugged animation that cancel the target-lock and have magic pass through him, uselessly lengthening the grind...

          • Anonymous

            This grind is absolutely unbearable, and my playstation online went out so i can't ask for help (not that i would because i'm shy)

            • Anonymous

              I find running the Tower of Trials III to be the most reliable way of farming them, the attendants are easy especially with a 2H charged attack which always staggers them and those seem to always drop 2 marks. The big momma enemy to the right after them seems to always drop two more marks and if you manage to beat the Skull King at the end then he seems to always drop 8 marks so it seems like 14 marks are always guaranteed solo. Could get more in a run since the Argent Wolf Berserkers have a semi okay chance of dropping them too.

              Now you just gotta keep running that same map over and over and hope you don't die half way through from the frustratingly OP queen's tiddy shield soldiers which are often run enders even with a partner for me (their shield bash followed by a single swing of their sword deals stupid damage, often killing me outright), if not that then it'll be the Skull King himself which has ended my runs so close to him dying too many times to count, I find him deceptively difficult.

              Yeah grinding for these is not fun in the slightest for me even with this somewhat decent strat and I really don't like the Towers of Trials but I'm sure someone gets a kick out of them. I'm sure it'll be far better in co-op though.

              • Anonymous

                I haven't seen the details for Tower of Trial mark drops anywhere, but in case people don't know:

                Trial 1: Butterfly drops 2, Claw drops 4. Guaranteed 6
                Trial 2: Executioner drops 2, Mido drops 6. Guaranteed 8
                Trial 3: Double Attendants drop 2, King drops 8. Guaranteed 10

                In addition, it's possible the non-boss floors drop marks as well, though not guaranteed. RNG from what I've seen on average is 0 - 4 additional marks per trial clear. Since Trial 1 is the easiest, you can bank 6-10 per run, and get quite efficient at it.

                • Anonymous

                  Is it faster to farm in depths maps with 5 routes with a friend or in Tower of Trial II on the big lost at the beginning? Also if it's the latter, should you tp back to the mistle as soon as you killed the guy or kill the other 3 enemies in the room as well for another chance at a MoH?

                  • Anonymous

                    Anyone else sick of losing their progress playing multiplayer? Bandai owes me 150+ medals from how often I have been blue screened

                    • Anonymous

                      I've just dropped MoH by killing Queen's Knight Reborn in Zero District before he finished transitioning to 2nd phase. Couldn't reproduce

                      • Anonymous

                        You can also get a mark of honor from the Lost in Ashen Cave that guards the door that connects Ashen Cave to City of Failing Flame

                        • those 400 mark are stupid and the multiplayer connection is not working so it dam hard to farm them do summoning act like in dark soul like if am lvl 200 i cant summon a guy that is lvl 15 am lvl 185 and no one is coming cant farm them so guys watch out

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