Lightning Charge

Rush toward foes at lighting speed and unleash
a palm strike.
Tree Skill
Gift Type Active
Required Stats
Proficiency Requirement  Defeat the enemy

Lightning Charge is an Active Gift in Code Vein. Lightning Charge is a gift found in the Váli Blood Code. Through Gifts, players may perform unique actions such as buffing and healing themselves and their Companions, debuffing Enemies or dealing direct damage to enemies. 



Lightning Charge Information

  • Makes a dash that can cover a large distance very quickly, then hits with lighting for slight damage. A gift skill that can be performed with any weapon.
    • Ichor Cost: 2
    • Cooldown: 10 sec.
    • Attack Type: -
    • Non-Physical: -

  • Max Out Proficiency:


Lightning Charge Acquisition

  • This gift can be found in the Váli Blood Code.
  • Requieres the Lord of Thunder DLC to acquire this gift


Lightning Charge Notes

  • Damage modifier: 30%
  • Scales with Light stat. Does not scale with weapon damage at all.
  • Best used as a fast gap closer, or to put distance quickly between you and an enemy.

Lightning Charge Behavior

  • The dash will always stop a short distance before colliding against an enemy to perform the palm strike.
    • However this does not prevent the player from falling off ledges. Use with caution.
    • If used on angled walls, the player will slide off them until the animation finishes or bumps against another wall.
  • This gift skill can be canceled into a dodge or by pressing block at the end of the dash (holding block also works). This cancels the attack at the end, but not the dash.
    • Canceling into a dodge will reset the final momentum to that of the dodge performed. Dodging of course also consumes stamina, making this method less than ideal.
    • Cancelling into a block at the end of the dash will carry part of the dash's momentum.
      • When wielding a two-handed sword, using the block method will halt the player at the end of the dash's range rather than sliding with the carried momentum. This makes it much less effective for traversal, and rather uncomfortable for that purpose, but does make it much more precise. You can use this altered version to dash above an enemy and stop in the air, and then do a plunging attack. It can also be used to leap a controlled distance off of a ledge as part of platforming challenges, as on the way to Howling Pit.
  • Doing any of these cancels will make the skill not go into cooldown, consume no ichor, but the player will still have traveled the maximum distance possible.
    • This makes it the most spammable, fast way to travel around areas, provided the players can do this trick reliably. Be wary of getting into a bad position, or from falling off to your death.



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