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Jenovas Wrath Build v1.2 (Code Vein) (by Jenova) ***Work in Progress***

Blood Code

- Queenslayer (defeat the Boss at "Memories of Player" Location)
- Ichor: 20(40)
- max Weight: 100

Blood Veil

- Noble Silver +10 (weight 22) (found in a chest at City of Falling Flame Location)


- Blazing Claw +10 (weight 28) (Drop from Successor of the Claw Bossfight) 
- Iceblood +10 + Fortification Transformation (weight 19.55) (Drop from Blade Bearer Bossfight)


- Final Journey (Queenslayer) (Light) (Immediatel restores all HP and increases abilities but kills you after a short time) 
- Severing Abyss  (Heimdal) (Dark) (Leap and slam down with all your might. An offensive skill preformed with One-handed Sword/Halberd/Bayonet) 
- Cleansing Light (Queenslayer) (Light) (For a limited time, a portion of the damage you take will slowly heal automatically)
- Blood Sacrifice (Hunter) (Dark) (Spends your own HP to gain Ichor) 

- Bridge to Glory (Eos) (Light) (Temporarily boosts attack power) 
- Overdrive (Assassin) (Light) (Temporarily increases your and your companion's attack. The effect ends when you take damage) //OR// Gift Extension (Astrea) (Light) (Temporarily lengthens the effects of gifts used by you and your partner)
- Flame Weapon (Prometheus) (Light) (Temporarily adds fire damage to you and your partner's current weapons)
- Frost Weapon (Fionn) (Light) (Temporarily adds ice damage to your and your partner's current weapons) 


- Swift Destruction (Hephaestus) (Light) (Increases damage dealt in proportion to your mobility) 
- One-handed Sword Mastery (Prometheus) (Light) (Increases attack power when equipped with a one-handed sword)
- Strength/Dexterity Up (Prometheus) (Light) (Increases strength and dexterity) 
- Mind/Willpower Up (Harmonia) (Light) (Increases mind and willpower) //OR// Mind/Vitality Up (Eos) (Light) (Increases mind and vitality) 

In-Depth Build Description

The General Idea about this Build

This build is about being fast and VERY devastating at the same time, while also maintaining a good survivability by regenerating our HP with the Cleansing Light Active Gift if we should get hit. 
Dishing out loads of damage with the fast hits of a One-Handed Sword fells very rewarding and you will be very surprised how much damage this Build will actually unleash onto your enemies.

Our Blood Code - The Queenslayer

The Queenslayer Blood Code is one of the best, if not THE best melee Blood Code. Having access to Final Journey on bossfights or even earlier if you are fast enough is the key to shred bosses and hard enemies in seconds. Never understimate the Queenslayer.

Weapons and Blood Veil

We want as much Mobility we can get in this build to have the Quick Dash animation and be very mobile and destructive at the same time. This requires us to have a max weight of 50% of our total weight.
The Noble Silver Blood Veil is one of the most important things in this Build since it has the highest Light Scaling among all Blood Veils and our Bridge to Glory Gift is actually the only Light Weapon Buff that scales with Light and will recieve a huge boost from it! It also fits perfectly because it has very low weight (22) and also benefits from our Queenslayer Stats.
For the main weapon i chose the Blazing Claw. With its low weight (28) it supports our strive for Quick Mobility Dashes and also benefits greatly from our Blood Code stats. It's base damage seems low at first but the Fire Damage really makes up for it.
Your second weapon choice is mostly irrelevant as only the active weapon weight is taken into consideration. I went for Iceblood to have a second weapon with high mobility and ice damage.
With this Equipment we exactly reach 50/100 weight (even less with Iceblood) and thus have a "Quick" Mobility which also supports our Swift Destruction Passive Gift and increases its damage support to the maximum.

Passive Gifts

With our passive Gifts we are trying to maximize our damage output and reach the stats needed to use all the Gifts want to use for this Build.
As we are using a One-Handed Sword it is pretty obvious to use the One-handed Sword Mastery Gift from the Prometheus Blood Code. It is increasing our damage a lot.
Secondly, we want to use the Swift Destruction Gift from the Hephaestus Blood Code. It is increasing our damage in proportion to our Mobility Stat, which is at "Quick" with the Equipment statet above, and thus it gives us the maximum damage increase this skill can give. Fits perfectly for our Fast playstyle.
Strength/Dexterity Up Gift is to increase our Base Stats for the damage scaling of our weapons. Even though Blazing Claw has its highest scaling at Dexterity and Willpower, the STR/DEX Up Gift is still increasing our damage more than a DEX/WILL Up Gift.
Our last Passive Slot is filled with the Mind/Willpower Up or Mind/Vitality Up Gift to raise our Mind Base Stat to B+ so we can use the Bridge to Glory Active Gift from the Eos Blood Code which is a must have. The Willpower or Vitality is just a Bonus on top.


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    • Anonymous

      Since this is a work of progress and seems mostly based around elemental attacks to shred enemies, would you attach fire for the transformation to blazing claw and ice to iceblood?

      • Anonymous

        This build is also pretty nuts with a Machete Fortification; Final Journey gives it quick-dodge and let's it benefit from Swift Destruction. Makes it roughly comparable to my strength/2h Zwei build.

        • Anonymous

          Dude thank you. I didnt completley take or use your build but reading this helped me come up with a strategy against blade bearer and the cannon fire dude and i appreciate it. That match was giving me hella trouble

          • Anonymous

            Should the Blazing Claw +10 be used with no infusion as it's not mentioned in the guide? Additionally, do you think it is possible to get to Quick-level mobility with 1-handed swords earlier than with the recommended items in this guide (before getting Queenslayer, Noble Silver, Iceblood and Blazing Claw)?

            • This Build is awesome been using it for two play throughs now. a Question that I've seen in the comments that you've answered as well. You take Frost Weapon over Adrenaline and said you do more damage. I've tested this out on the Dummy and I do 1k more damage on the dummy with Adrenaline compared to Frost Weapon. I can only assume this is dependent on enemies? which I use Flame Weapon on 90% of enemies/bosses. Other than that I love this build and is probably my favourite build in-game 1h wise. I've yet to find another build which deals more damage, while being able to have quick mobility.

              • about blood sacrifice: i dont want to make a build that is dependant on consumables. blood sacrifice lets you full buff everything at once, should you need it, and cleansing light makes sure you dont loose too much HP if you dont use Final Journey right after that. cleansing light is still good even for NG+. Barrages consume Ichor which i want to use for my buffs instead. this is a full melee build without any damage-"spells". if you like Phantom assault more, great, then use it. i don't. this build is optimal for my purposes and if you dont like it post your own build here. Mind/Fortitude might be better, i can accept that. i havent really thought about fortitude tbh. but everything else is just personal preference. the elemental buffs or for the sake of a kind of "themed build" - this one uses ice and fire. feel free to modifiy this build. its just an idea i give to the people. i made it for ME, not so everyone can use it - if they arent confortable with some of this stuff - thats how all builds work - you can never satisfy everyone. and now please stop arguing and instead upload your own build here, thank you

                • Anonymous

                  This setup is suboptimal. Elements are better spread wide than tall generally, as you gain less elemental modifier from stacking elements than from spreading them. Blood Sacrifice is pointless on this build, it is neither ichor hungry enough to not be sated with ichor concentrates, nor running Survival Instincts. Cleansing Light is useless with Noble Silver in NG+ and beyond, most attacks are going to either oneshot you, or true combo into oneshot in the harder fights, and in the easier fights, you can simply rely on regeneration. Not running a Barrage spell is a major DPS loss, as they scale with Swift Destruction. Phantom Assault is basically mandatory on all 1h sword builds for its ability to evade damage while dealing damage. Of course, we've already had this talk on the discord, and you claimed I was stealing your build then added a bunch of the stuff we suggested and didn't credit us, so hey.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey Jenova! I really love your build and I was surprised how much damage it deals, great build! If you are done with this build could you maybe make a Bayonet Build? because I would like to try out a bayonet build but I am kinda bad in combining stuff/creating builds haha I had my own 2hand weapon build and it dealt as much damage as your Wrath Build with onehand weapons. Would really love to see more builds form you!

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