Human Girl

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The Human girl is a nameless NPC in Code Vein (NPCs are individual characters that are encountered during the course of the game that may or may not provide benefits.



The player encounters the human girl during the initial cutscene before the Butterfly of Delirium boss fight. She is pursued by a male revenant who wants her blood. Later she is found lurking behind the crates near the elevator leading to the Dried-up Trenches area. Yakumo spots her and tells her to come out of hiding, but the girl is scared and desperate - she is holding a knife pointed at her throat, ready to kill herself, because she has had enough of random revenants taking advantage of her. Louis calms her and gives her a note with all the information she needs to reach one of the Provisional Government's shelters for humans. Later, the girl visits the Home Base after recruiting Mia Karnstein to thank you for what you have done for her. She tells you that she was admitted to one of the shelters and feels safer now. She then returns again as the story progresses and gives you valuables.


Location of Human Girl

  • In the Butterfly of Delirium's boss arena (in a cutscene).
  • Near the elevator at the end of the Ruined City Center map.
  • Home Base 

Human Girl Notes and Tips

  • Make sure you talk to her. She will give you valuables (e.g. Tomato Oden Sandwitch, Aromatic Herbs, etc.)


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    • Anonymous

      Okay, I'll admit this is a bit much, but I was honestly hoping she'd join as a party member. She's fully human and cannot rely on ichor, so she has to double-down on guns & explosives - think of Lady from the Devil May Cry series. The mental image of this shy, timid girl blowing Lost away with a machine gun & rocket launcher, perhaps apologizing to them as she does so, is so over-the-top that I can't help but love it.

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