Hot Springs are a special location in Code Vein. Located within the Home Base, Hot Springs allows players to relax at a hot bath and look back on their memories, learning about the game's Lore.

Memories: Code Vein Hot Springs

The Great Collapse

A sudden catastrophe that assaulted the world. Spikes called the Thorns of Judgement devastated major parts of every city, and nearly half of the planet's population is said to have died in the disaster.

Thorns of Judgement

Massive spikes that sprung from the earth like the teeth of a hungry maw. They are currently dormant. A large number of researches have studied them to learn what they are and what caused them to move, but these questions remain unanswered.


A deep craving for blood that occurs when blood hasn't been consumed for a length of time, or as a result of miasma inhalation. This effect is caused by the BOR Parasite stimulating the central nervois system of its host as a reaction to starvation.


Wondrous plants that produce a regular supply of blood beads. They appeared soon after the world was cut off by the Red Mist. Many have dried up due to the spread of miasma, making blood beads difficult to come by.


Awakening (1)

As you awwaken, you are under the attentive watch of a mysterious young woman. Your memory is blank, and the pangs of thirst gnaw at you, but with the girl's guidance, you begin to walk through the ruined city

Awakening (2)

Racked with pain, you reach your destination: a dried-up spring. Your blood causes it to flow again, and the miasma nearby fades. You now know that you have a unique power.



Ruined City Underground

The Land fell in the Great Collapse, turning a multilevel parking garage into a cavern. Revenants who left Silva after Operation Queenslayer used it as a refuge, but the spread of miasma turned it into a den of the Lost.

3rd Generation Revenants

Although implanted with BOR Parasite to fight the Queen, these revenants did not revive until after the appearance of the Red Mist. Many of them are unaware of the events following the Great Collapse, or why they revived at all. A large number call for the liberation of revenants and act against the provisional government.

Blood Beads

A substitute for blood that suppresses a revenant's thirst. A large specimen holds enough liquid to keep an adult revenant healthy for two months. Bloodsprings drying up and heavy taxation by the provisional government have caused a shortage


A revenant unit operating under Silva's provisional government. They oversee the lives of all revenants and collect a regular levy of blood beads, which they are also in charge of distributing. They effectively began the restoration of order, and all but ended the hunting of humans for blood and wars between revenants


You are captured by revenants that take you underground. They are on a mission to collect blood beads. Your companion is taken hostage, and you set off to find her along with a fellow captive named Oliver.


Purifier Masks

Formally referred to as "anti-miasma apparatus", these devices were made to protect revenants from the effects of the Lost's miasma. Air passes through filters that use a fluid mixture containing the owner's blood, which neutralizes miasma.

Revenants Becoming Lost

The blood of revenants who have frenzied due to bloodthirst turns dark, and as BOR Parasite Invasion worsens, their bones begin to creak and change form. The speed of this process varies, but many end up falling into a deathlike slumber. Frenzy can be halted if the condition is treated with blood beads at an early stage.


The crystalized residue that forms when a revenant or one of the Lost disperses or turns to ash. Within it are contained the fragments of memories said to overwhelm any who touch it, causing them to become Lost. Those who become enticed by the voice of the past will reach out to it, as if possessed.

Memory Echoes

Strange spaces where memories etched into vestiges can be replayed. Each is entirely unique, depending on the memories they hold.

Mad Thrall

During the search for blood beads, an attack by a lost revenant destroyed Oliver's purifier mask. Too wounded to continue, he gives you directions and you press on by yourself.


As the mysterious young woman showed you in the ruins, you give your own blood to a dry spring, bringing it back to life. It produces a single blood bead.

Oliver Lost

Your prize in hand, you rush back to the revenants, only to find them wiped out. Oliver succumbed to bloodthirst, became one of the Lost, and killed them all. The gravity of the situation stuns you, but a stranger arrives to offer help.

Vestiges (1)

With the aid of your unnamed ally, you defeated Oliver and are reunited with the young woman. Afterward, you discover a strange stone called a Vestige that calls out to you.

Vestiges (2)

 As though bewitched by the voice, your hand reaches out to the Vestige and all of you are engulfed in blinding light.

Unprecedented Talent

After experiencing Oliver's memories through the Vestige together, the man introduces himself as Louis and takes you and the young woman to his home base.


 Gaol of the Mists "Vein"

A land that has been isolated from the rest of the world by the Red Mist. With the land pierced by Thorns of Judgement, undying Lost wandering in search of blood, and fewer blood beads each day. It is a place of despair for the revenants who call it home.

Red Mist

A wall of fog that appeared after Operation Queenslayer, imprisoning all life within it. Human or revenant, anyone who approaches it is overcome by intense pain and dread, rendered incapable of passing through.

Home Base

The only place where peace can be found in a world of constant, mortal danger. At first, it was a simple, run-down church, but Yakumo has helped turn it into its present state.

Gaol of the Mists

After arriving at home base, you look from a balcony and watch the Red Mists that cloaks the land while Louis tells you about the bleak state of the world.

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