OUTDATED.  might update once dlc drops but as of now much of the info here is only applicable if playing older versions.




Wanna kill that pesky boss that kept giving you trouble with one slap? Wanna see that sweet 99999 number on the damage counter? Wanna be called casual and metaslave? Then this is the build for your needs.



Blood Code: Queenslayer

Weapon: Obliterator Axe (Fortification) is the best one giving the highest possible attack at level 300. Argent Wolf Poleaxe is an acceptable substitute too and will perform a bit better at lower levels. Any other halberds dont even come close to the same attack power.

Blood Veil: Noble Silver (Fortification) is absolutely the best choice, otherwise, simply use whatever veil you got with the highest light stat.




  • Blood Sacrifice, generally only used during buffing phase before the boss, then swapped out. but can be kept in for higher difficulty levels where rebuffing is needed. Exchanges 20% of HP for 6 Ichor.
  • Flashing Fang, a 100% attack increase for one attack. Extremely strong and your most valuable damage increase.
  • Overdrive, a 25% attack increase that goes away if you get hit.
  • Bridge to Glory, 0.5 attack power per 1 light stat you have. A decently strong buff to your base power.
  • Final Journey, increases your attack/light by 50% and gives you quick mobility among other things
  • Fatal Surge, Jacks Communal Gift. 100% attack increase and halved stamina cost, but disables the use of regeneration. Again another extremely strong buff to have.
  • Severing Abyss, this attack is the reason why Halberd builds rule supreme when it comes to 1-shot builds. It's a single hit with over 550% damage multiplier, ensuring that any abilities with large damage increase for only 1 hit show their true power. No other attack comes close to performing this much damage with 1 hit.

Last slots are a bit of a wildcard, depending on what you are facing and your actual build the best option might differ a bit

  • Merciless Reaper, reduces physical resistance of the enemy to 1/4th of its value or increases physical weakness to 4x. Which makes it a huge boost, except for enemies with 0 physical resistance, in which case it does nothing.
  • Blood WeaponFlame WeaponFrost Weapon / Lightning Weapon, for any boss with an elemental weakness to abuse, this is your go-to choice. Against 0% resistance it simply adds 20% damage flat. While negative resistance will add an extra damage multiplier (10% for -10%, 20% for-20%, etc). Don't use this against enemies with 20% or higher resistance at it will either add no damage at all or LOWER your damage.
  • Adrenaline, a 10% attack increase. Generally the best choice for anything with no elemental weakness.
  • Blow of Madness, +400 attack boost, not as strong as adrenaline but an okay replacement. Unless you are lvl1 its unlikely to outperform Adrenaline though.


Buff order:

  • Have mind passive slotted in
  • Buff Flashing Fang and merciless reaper first since they last forever.
  • Blood Sacrifice 1x
  • Buff  Bridge to Glory and Overdrive and Adrenaline/Element Weapon
  • Blood Sacrifice 3x in-between
  • can swap mind up passive out now
  • Final Journey to refill hp
  • Blood sacrifice 2x afterwards
  • use fatal surge
  • Blood sacrifice 1x
  • Swap blood sacrifice for severing abyss

This should let you end up with enough ichor left to use severing abyss once and under 50% Hp to get the damage increase from survival instinct.



Buff up before entering the boss fight (some story bosses wont let you enter with Final Journey active, in that case go in and port out directly then return and buff up as usual. It's possible to leave Final Journey as last buff but also means you need to have blood sacrifice still equipped and dodge around while buffing up).
Bosses generally have a massive damage reduction at the start of the fight, so you can't simply hit them directly. Let them attack first, dodge or parry the first attacks and look for an opportunity window to use Severing Abyss. Blocking is not adviseable as overdrive will fall off and at higher difficulty levels it can get you killed through block since halberds don't have the best defenses for blocking. Make sure to stay relatively close, as severing abyss does not have a very large range.

Some bosses can have massive damage reduction during certain animations outside of the start up phase too. Avoid hitting them during these.
If you fail due to hitting them during such an animation or simply miss severing abyss, reseting the fight might be smarter than trying to rebuff while dodging around. Especially due to some buffs like Jacks communal not lasting very long.

Everything on regular difficulty can be one-shot. On enhanced+1 only a couple bosses will survive and they will be low enough hp to finish them off quickly. Phase transitions can be used to rebuff a little bit and restore ichor with simple hits/drain attack/consumables. Enhanced +2 will still leave a good amount of oneshottable bosses, but going higher and higher in difficulty will make it increasingly harder to kill bosses directly and other builds might be more preferable there.



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    • Anonymous

      Idk how much damage I did at lv 150 but one shotted the 2nd version of the final boss. I didn't use the buff that wears off upon hit, I ised the regular atk boost and wow!! Thank you!! Was gonna toss my console out of the window!

      • Anonymous

        Used this setup on dlc new boss on ng and passed the "hero's strike" trial by dealing 70k, isn't the 99999 ohko build anynore but still deals a ton of dmg

        • Anonymous

          Well it definitely doesnt work on the Gilded Hunter NG+2. Following all the steps to a T at level 231 just barely takes him down to half health. That's probably more so because the Devs of Code Vein have no idea how to properly design a fair boss (GH is 100% cheap and 0% fun) buuuut that's a topic for a different day.

          • Anonymous

            This works I have tested it. Swift destruction works as long as your mobility says its quick. I get the buff everytime I have final journey on and swap it in and out between attacks. You will see the damage buff applied to your damage per hit. Try it yourself have normal status pop final journey to put you in quick do an attack without the passive then equip it, it works the original poster of the build is correct. His build is almost exactly like what I have been playing with except I was using the Argent Wolf Axe

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