Evasive Snare

Dodging enemy attacks generates projectiles at the cost of ichor that attack the enemy.
Tree Dark
Gift Type Passive
Required Stats
n/a n/a
Proficiency Requirement n/a

Evasive Snare is a Passive Gift in Code Vein. Evasive Snare is a gift found in the Hephaestus Blood Code. Through Gifts, players may perform unique actions such as buffing and healing themselves and their Companions, debuffing Enemies or dealing direct damage to enemies.



Evasive Snare Information

  • Successfully dodging an enemy attack spends 1 ichor to create a static orb that detonate on contact with an enemy.
  • Effect similar to Countermeasure.


Evasive Snare Acquisition


Evasive Snare Notes

  • Gifts are acquired from obtaining different Blood Codes and by using the Mistle to Acquire/Inherit Gifts.
  • A certain amount of Haze is needed to unlock your preferred Gift and have required stats in order to equip these.
  • The orb lasts 8 seconds. An orb that expires uses the same animation as one exploding, but deals neither damage nor staggering to enemies within its blast radius.
  • If 2 orbs are in the same spot, an enemy must still trigger them sequentially.
  • This gift is exclusive to the Hephaestus Blood Code and cannot be mastered.
    • Countermeasure can be mastered, and is a 60 second, active version of Evasive Snare.



Passive Gifts
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    • Anonymous

      08 Feb 2021 21:35  

      What if you are already at 0 icor (e.g. in draining sand areas)? will it work for free? or not work at all?

      • 02 Aug 2020 12:12  

        >Only "perfect" dodges (the kind that give you focus) will trigger the orb.
        >The game tries to put the orb where you were when you dodged (which is usually right in the attacker's face)
        >This means that the orb can often be outside of its trigger range, placed a little bit into your dodge animation. (making it more consistent when working with slow mobility).
        >The orb's primary impact is its stagger, which makes it an even better fit for slow builds with heavy weapons.

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