Tower of Trials II is a Location in Code Vein, accessible from the Depths Exploration menu by talking to undefined. The Tower appears to be in an isolated area of the Crypt Spire. All three Tower of Trial Maps are unlocked by beating the game and continuing without accessing New Game Plus; they will be on Louis' desk in the Home Base for pickup. Each Tower of Trials consists of a gauntlet of six battle scenarios in increasing difficulty, with I being the easiest and III being the hardest.


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General Information

  • Bosses:  Invading Executioner, Juzo Mido
  • Mistles: You begin the Trial on the floor's top mistle. If you die, you will not be able to recover your mist without reaching the floor you died on through sheer combat. There is another mistle at the bottom floor of the tower.


Video Walkthrough

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NPCs in the area

  • N/A



Consumables and Trade Items

  • RV Mastery (123): Located at the bottom of the Tower after clearing all its floors.

Equipment & Upgrades

  • N/A

Key Items

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • Snouted Wanderer
  • Buried Fool
  • Queen's Vanguard Puppet
  • Thirsting Slaughterer
  • Hunter in Black
  • Queen's Vanguard


Tower of Trials II Walkthrough

The Tower of Trials is a side area unlocked from the maps obtained on Louis's desk after completing the game and returning to Home Base (before choosing to start a new playthrough). All three Towers are available to initiate without needing to complete the preceding ones. Completion of the Towers is not required for the Deep Trailblazer Trophy.

You begin at the topmost level at the entry Mistle. The glowing blue bloodroot will open up the floor to start your trial. You will have to navigate down six floors, fighting a boss every three floors. After completing each floor, the bloodroot will glow to open up the next floor for you to descend to. Defeating a boss will completely refill your health and Ichor and replenish consumables from your storage.

The Towers also give an increased yield on Marks of Honor.

Floor Guide

  1. Entry floor
  2. 2x Snouted Wanderer (Halberd) + 2x Buried Fool
  3. Invasion: Three waves of 3x Queen's Vanguard Puppet, followed by 1x Spiked Female Lost
  4. Boss fight with Invading Executioner
  5. 1x Thirsting Slaughterer
  6. Invasion: Three waves of 3x Hunter in Black, then 1x Queen's Vanguard
  7. Boss fight with Juzo Mido (Prisoner of Eternal Torment)
  8. Reward of RV Mastery (123) and an exit Mistle


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Trivia & Notes:

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