Tower of Trials I is a Location in Code Vein, and is only accessible via the Depths exploration menu by talking to Davis. It's a tower that seems to be located in the Crypt Spire but has no connections to it. All three Tower of Trial Maps are unlocked by beating the game and continuing without accessing New Game Plus; they will be on Louis' desk in the Home Base for pickup. Each Tower of Trials consists of a gauntlet of six battle scenarios in increasing difficulty, with I being the easiest and III being the hardest.

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General Information

  • Bosses:  Butterfly of Delirium, Slumbering Wanderer.
  • Mistles: You begin the Trial on the floor's top mistle. If you die, you will not be able to recover your mist without reaching the floor you died on through sheer combat. There is another mistle at the bottom floor of the tower.


Video Walkthrough

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NPCs in the area

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Consumables and Trade Items

Equipment & Upgrades

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Key Items

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Tower of Trials I Walkthrough

You spawn on the top floor of the tower. To access each subsequent lower floor, interact with the blue bloodroot trigger located on the wall to open a giant circular hole in the middle of the floor.
Each Tower follows the same enemy floor pattern: a regular battle with strong enemies, followed by a Lost Invasion (it immediately starts once the host player drops onto the floor), followed by a boss fight, then repeating once more. Defeating the boss on Wave 3 will restore your Health, Regeneration Charges, and Ichor.

Completing a floor will sometimes reward you with  Consumable Items; regular battles may reward you with a Mark of Honor or Ichor Concentrate, while Lost Invasions give Pure Blood and some Ichor Conenctrate or Regeneration Inducer, and boss floors are guaranteed to give you Marks of Honor, while sometimes offering Old World Materials.

F0: Entry Mistle.

F-1: A single Boreal Brute. This one has the Ice Armor gift, so remember to bring Fire gifts.

F-2: Lost Invasion; it contains variations of the Boreal Savages.

F-3: Boss fight versus the Butterfly of Delirium, after defeating the boss all party members are refreshed.

F-4: A single Blazing Heretic.

F-5: Lost Invasion; it contains Sword-Wielding Antler Lost, Mage Antler Lost and Hammer-Wielding Antler Lost.

F-6: Boss fight versus the Slumbering Wanderer (a copy of the Successor of the Claw), and again after defeating the boss the same effect as resting at a Mistle occurs.

F-7: RV Mastery for the skill Charisma and a Mistle which you can use to teleport away from the tower.


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Trivia & Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      apparently killing all enemies of the last wave before the "mini boss" (boreal brute F-2 or blazing heretic F-5) on the floor with the invasions, causes the mini boss not to spawn.

      • Anonymous

        Found RV Mastery 124 (Charisma) on the final floor (where the mistle is to leave). Charisma is a passive gift that reads: "Increases your partner's stats (does not apply to player)"

        • I hope nobody minds me adding the entirety of the page, I have been playing the game a lot recently and it annoyed me that there weren't any pages for the tower of trials yet. I apologize for any grammar mistakes I'm not inherently English and well typos can happen lmao. If anyone still checks the wiki to this day expect the other Tower of Trial pages soon as well

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