Depths: Fiery Oblivion is a Location in Code Vein. Depths: Fiery Oblivion is only available through the Hellfire Knight DLC to access this location you will require the Map: Fiery Oblivion which can be found in the hallway between the Crypt Spire and Provisional Government Outskirts. Go down the stairs on either side of the Entrance after Juzo Mido's boss room.


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General Information

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  • Bosses:  Hellfire Knight, Blazing Heretic, Abyssal Doppelganger
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Full Depths: Fiery Oblivion Walkthrough

As soon as you enter the map you will see a table to your right. Pick up 2x Regen Inducer, 2x Pure Blood, 1x Plasma Cartridge and 1x Fireproof Tonic. Continue ahead and purify the Rotten Mistle. Keep going until you reach an open area where the Mistle is located.

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You will see an altar to your right. If you interact with it, you can access the Horror Hunting Trials or increase the current difficulty. From here you can follow two paths:

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Go through the stone arc. You'll have to fight 1x Female Spiked Lost. Go up the ramp behind you to pick up 1x Old-World Materials. Head down and defeat 1x Bayonet-wielding Knight Lost, 1x Elite Knight Lost, 3x Female Spiked Lost and 1x Horned Lost. Once you defeat them go up through the ramp located on the right part. On top of the ramp you can find 1x Achilles Core Fragment C. Head back and purify the rotten Mistle located on the left ramp to map your surroundings.

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Go inside the cave to your right. When you reach the back the floor will break and you will have to fight many Sand Blobs. Purify the rotten Mistle and explore the area to find 1x Rv Mastery (124).

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Go back outside and go up through the ramp located in the middle. You'll have to defeat 1x Argent Shield-wielding Knight and 1x Elite Knight Lost. When you reach the top of the ramp go through the opening on your right. Here you will find 1x Queen Tungsten and a rotten Mistle that you can purify. Go back and continue ahead. You will find another Rotten Mistle and the boss Abyssal Doppelganger

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Abyssal Doppelganger:

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The Abyssal Doppelganger can vary between two forms: Mage and Melee. The boss is very weak to Stun damage and can be perma-stunned using a fast weapon.

Attack Counter
Small Projectiles: It will gather Ichor and cast 4 small and slow moving projectiles that deal high damage. Stay away from the projectiles and wait for them to expire.
Projectile Barrage: It will gather Ichor and throw a barrage of small projectiles in a cone forward. Dodge to either side.
Big Projectile: It will cast a big projectile above his head and throw it to the player. Dodge to either side.
While on melee he will act as a normal Sword-Wielding Antler Lost.


After you defeat him you will be rewarded with 1x Asclepius Vestige Part B


Turn right and fight 5x Mutated Lost (the one crouching next to the cliff is guaranteed to drop, from most to least likely, 1x Yellowed Book, Classic Camera or Expensive Cigars) and 1x Horned Lost. There is an opening to your right. As soon as you walk through it the floor will break. Pick up 1x Achilles Core Fragment A and 3x Mutated Lost, 2x Assassin Lost and 1x Stone-Crusher Lost will drop above you. After you defeat them you can leave using the ramp located on the left part of the cave (you can pick up 1x Old-World Materials at the side of the ramp).

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Continue ahead and fight 2x Female Spiked Lost, 1x Elite Knight Lost and 1x Argent Hammer-wielding Knight. There is a rotten Mistle hidden between the rocks on the left, you can purify it to map the area. Continue ahead and you will find another rotten Mistle and the boss Blazing Heretic.

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Blazing Heretic

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The battlefield is covered in lava that deals damage to you when you stand over it. Try to stay in the rocks.

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Spinning Attack: He will jump two times while spinning in the air to finishing with a sword strike. Dodge to either side
Sword Charge: It will scream and charge with his weapon performing a swing attack and then strike the ground creating an AoE blast. Dodge to either side and stay away from the blast radius.
Three Hit Combo: It will perform a quick and powerful three hit combo forward. Dodge backwards two times.
Two hit Combo: A long reach attack that initiates with a sword thrust and finishes with an elbow strike. Dodge to either side and then backward
Flame Burst: It will create a fire wall around him that lasts for a minute. Keep away from the fire.


Once you defeat him you will be rewarded with 1x Asclepius Vestige Part A.


Hellfire Knight

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To fight the Hellfire Knight you need to gather the Asclepius Vestige Part A and the Asclepius Vestige Part B. You can also combine them into the Asclepius Vestige I to open the door. Head right from the Mistle and open the door to fight the boss.



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      From my experience, Abyssal Doppelgangers sword phase seems to bugg out more often than not, leaving him with an invisible sword.

      • If you happen to stun or knock down the abyssal doppelganger at the same time as the transition to melee, he gets stuck in melee form and his weapon is invisible (but its still there)

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