Depths: Eternal Abyss is a Location in Code VeinDepths: Eternal Abyss is only available through the Lord of Thunder DLC. To access this location, you will require the Map: Eternal Abyss, which can be located on the Upper Level of the Crypt Spire. Travel to the celestial dungeon and face the Lord of Thunder , a titan that is able to bend the element of lightning at its own will.


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Full Depths: Eternal Abyss Walkthrough

Crypt Spire: Upper Level

First thing you need to do is to head to travel to the upper-level section of the Crypt Spire. Once you arrive, go straight until you reach the section pass the boss fight against Juzo Mido. As soon as you enter, turn either left or right and head down the stairs where you'll find yourself in a room where you'll find the Map: Eternal Abyss - once you have it, travel back to Home Base and speak to Davis for the Depths: Eternal Abyss to be available.

Depths Entrance

Upon arriving in the depths, loot the pile of stock on the right to obtain 2x Regen Inducer, 2x Pure Blood, 1x Freezing Cartridge, and 1x Insulating Tonic. Head straight and you'll see a rotten mistle on the right side of the narrow path, purify it to map the surrounding area. From there, just continue going straight until you find yourself in the center of the dungeon where you'll find the main Mistle and the large crystal next to it where you can access the Horror Hunting Trials - make sure to purify the Mistle to map the area surrounding it.

Exploring the Depths

You'll want to explore the depths first before facing the Lord of Thunder. From the main mistle, turn around and you'll see a path that goes further into the area. You'll encounter an enemy here, a Mutated Lost sitting at the edge of the cliff who is guaranteed to drop, from most to least likely, 1x Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Sushi Tacos or Tomato Oden Sandwich. You can backstab it causing it to fall off. Just next to it on the right, you'll find a large tree branch blocked by vines, you can simply destroy it with your basic attack - at the end of it, you'll find the Perseus Core Fragment B.

Next, go back on the ground and proceed further towards the area filled with grass. Go left and purify the rotten mistle first, ahead of it is a mini-boss battle where you'll fight the Queen's Vanguard Puppet - successfully defeating it rewards you with the Asclepius Vestige Part F, as well as 1x Queen Steel and 1x Queen Iron.

From the arena, go out and turn left, you'll see a path on the ahead that's blocked with vines in a pit with an urchin & 3 lost enemies, you can destroy this with a basic attack. On the other side, the first thing you'll see is another rotten mistle on the right. After purifying it, continue straight and you'll find the Perseus Core Fragment C.

After collecting the fragment, you can see a Bog Predator type enemy similar to those encountered in the Howling Pit on the other side of the root wall. A scorpion veil will allow you to backstab it from safety if you need ichor. When you're ready, circle back around & approach the Snouted Executioner enemy, but be cautious of two additional Bog Predators hiding behind breakable root walls encircling the executioner.

Once they have been dealt with, move toward the slope & approach the Stone Crusher enemy guarding a Rotten Mistle.

After the battle purify the rotten mistle to map the area. Go up the slope and mind the Fire Totem enemy, & the bayonet wielding lost that will shoot at you as you cross the narrow path. Behind the bayonet lost, you'll find another rotten mistle at the end that you can purify. If you follow the opposite root from the mistle, you will encounter a large executioner enemy, but no items of note being guarded. Beside the rotten mistle, jump down to the bottom from your left side, be careful not to jump on the edge or else you'll fall off from the spot on the ground that will collapse. At the bottom of the Mistle you just purified, you'll find 1x Queen Tungsten - after grabbing the item, head back down, and check the center part of the section from the slope.

Next, go back to the main mistle and head to the next path which is on the left side near the area of the Lord of Thunder. You'll see some vines blocking the path on the left side, just attack it with your weapon to destroy it & two more Bog Predator enemies behind it, as well as a roaming Stone Crusher. Past the stone crusher enemy, you will see a sleeping bayonet lost against the wall, that will wake up as you approach, along with two lost hound enemies that will ambush you. Past them, you will find another Snouted Executioner, & two more Bog Predators that will attack when the executioner is approached. Beside the executioner, you will find another Rotten Mistle.

Before proceeding up the slope by the mistle, go back to the area where the Bog Predators were hiding earlier & simply jump to the bottom and you'll find the Perseus Core Fragment A. After grabbing the vestige, head up the path on the left side (an assassin enemy will drop down on you halfway up), and at the top, you'll find the RV Mastery (122) on the ground, in between the pillars - near it is another mistle you can purify. Guarding this area are another large Snouted Executioner, & two bayonet lost.

From the last Mistle you purified where you got the RV Mastery (122), just retrace your steps a bit and jump down to the right side, you'll find the Mistle beside the slope noted earlier . After that's done, go up the slope slope that you can go up that's on the right side. At the end of the path, you'll find the last mistle and the second mini-boss against the Dust Cloud Bandit, defeating it will drop the Asclepius Vestige Part E.

From here, simply head back to the main Mistle and prepare to fight the Lord of Thunder.



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