Depths: Celestial Ice Prison is a Location in Code VeinDepths: Celestial Ice Prison is only available through the Frozen Empress DLC. To access this location, you will require the Map: Celestial Ice Prison, which can be located on the Upper Level of the Crypt Spire. Travel to the celestial ice prison and face the Frozen Empress of the Great Collapse Horror who controls ice-elemental attacks with its cold iron armor.


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General Information

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  • Bosses:  Mud Gorger, Argent Wolf Berserker, Frozen Empress
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Full Depths: Celestial Ice Prison Walkthrough

To access this dungeon, you'll need to acquire the map first. Simply go straight through the boss arena where the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer, as well as Juzo Mido, was encountered. You should find yourself past the area where Juzo Mido was fought and in the section that has multiple sets of stairs. As soon as you approach the first set of stairs, turn right and go down two flights of steps until you find a room that seems to be a dead-end, head inside, look to your left, and you'll find the Map: Celestial Ice Prison

The Ice Prison

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Upon arriving at the depths, you'll find a stash of items that you can check that's on your right. You'll find x2 Regen Inducer, x2 Pure Blood, x1 Flame Cartridge, and x1 Antifreeze Tonic. After collecting the items, go straight and you'll find a rotten mistle that you can purify to map the surrounding area.

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When that's done, drop down onto the lower platforms until you reach the bottom where you'll find a clump of glowing bushes, walk to the middle and you'll find a Mistle that you can activate and rest when needed.

Left Path: Mud Gorger

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Mini Boss: The mini-boss you'll encounter on this path is the Mud Gorger, it has the same moves as the Glowing Tentacle Lost that you encounter in the Howling Pit, only empowered and has more health.

Projectiles: When you start the battle, it'll spray out multiple veils of mist that will follow you around for a while, you can dodge it either way or have it land on a wall or the ground for it to disappear.

Physical Attack: If you're close to it, it will usually run towards you and swing its arm once then follow up with a double charging swing twice, if you have enough health and stamina, you can block the first attack, but dodge towards it or to the sides, not backward since it moves forward while swinging its arms.

Charge Attack: If you're quite distant or at some point, it will execute a charge attack, it telegraphs this move fast, but you'll see it put its arms down and it'll look like its sitting then it'll swing itself forward then follows up with smashing its hands on the ground. So dodge either way first then wait for its follow up attack before striking.

AoE Attack: This attack can be predicted easily since it needs about a 2-second charge before it releases a shockwave that deals an immense amount of damage that can instantly kill you. You'll know when it starts to telegraph this attack when you see a beam of light or energy is being stored on its glowing back. Dodge backward about twice to keep yourself out of its range - defeating this mini-boss rewards you with x1 Mark of Honor, and x1 Asclepius Vestige Part C.

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After the battle, don't leave the area first, but instead, go straight and you'll find another path that leads to the top. Follow the path until you find a structure of glowing branches. Dropdown then roll towards the other platforms until you reach the glowing item which is the Pollux Core Fragment B.

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Before heading back to the main Mistle, some of the things you can find in this area are a couple of Rotten Mistles (there is a Mutated Lost next to the second one that is guaranteed to drop either, from most to least likely, 1x Aged Brandy, Boutique Sake or Geisha Noodles) that you can purify to map the surrounding and other materials such as RV Mastery (123) and Pollux Core Fragment A, the latter being guarded by a Brute Monk Lost. When you've explored this area, go back to the main mistle and head to the path that's on the right.

Right Path: Argent Wolf Berserker

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For this path, the area here is wide and is filled with the lost. Kill the enemies for a chance for some loot that is dropped then purify the rotten mistle that's in the middle. When that's done, there's a narrow path at the far right side which will lead you to the next mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Before proceeding to fight the Argent Wolf Berserker, purify the rotten mistle to map the surrounding area.

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Once you start the battle, you'll notice that there are two Fire Totem Lost that will constantly shoot fireballs at you which are located on top of the pillars. If you have someone who has a bayonet or has long-range gifts, focus on killing them first before the boss. This boss is quite slow and usually uses heavy attacks so you can dodge its attacks. However, it will occasionally use ichor to empower itself.

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It also has an AoE attack where it stores ichor and conjures an AoE field below you or your team. It can easily be dodged either way before getting hit its impact. Apart from that, in this phase, you'll notice that the boss will have a red aura which boosts its speed and damage.

Defeating this mini-boss rewards you with x1 Mark of Honor and Asclepius Vestige Part D. Before heading to the main mistle, explore the area more where you'll find Pollux Core Fragment C. There's a path on the left-hand side of this area which leads to the fragment. Combining Asclepius Vestige Part C and Asclepius Vestige Part D by speaking to Io at Home Base will allow you to repair Asclepius Vestige II that grants the Offensive Order gift. On the other hand, Pollux Core Fragment A, Pollux Core Fragment B, and Pollux Core Fragment C will allow you to obtain the Pollux blood code.

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Since you have parts C and D of the Asclepius Vestige, you can head back to the main mistle, unlock the door, challenge the Frozen Empress and complete the trials.



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