General Information

This Build is something I put together to really help make sure my coop buddies don't die while I'm helping people over distress signals. Makes use of Ishtar's unique passive Deliverance to make you more useful as a tank.

Blood Code

Ishtar is the Blood Code we'll be using for this build. While its Vitality (ranking in at C without passives) isn't the best, locking us out of Foulblood Barrier, its unique passive Deliverance, A rank in mind allows us to make use of all of Eos' strong utility spells like Bridge to Glory and Elemental Wall, and a passable B Strength that allows us to use all the Greatswords makes up for not having that.

Weapons and Blood Veil

Personally, I have grown very fond of Greatswords, and in any setup where you want to tank damage, having the high defense rates Greatswords offer can be a godsend at the worst of times. My personal recommendations would be...

  1. Argent Wolf King's Blade +10

    Trusty, reliable, highest damage Greatsword in the game. Not useable til NG+ though so not as useful up front as the other 2 options I'll lay out.
  2. Zweihander +10

    While not the hardest hitting Greatsword in the game, if your goal is to tank with your face as much as you are with Deliverance, this is the sword for you, as it boasts the highest defensive stats against physical damage in the game.
  3. Oni Bane +10

    While it's defenses are lower then either of the other 2 options, Yakumo's old sword packs a lot more hit then the Zweihander and is much lighter to use then either of the other options, and all it takes is bribing Yakumo with gifts for him to give it to you.

For Blood Veils, I would recommend taking things that have high Light scaling to make use of Ishtar's high Mind stat and help both Bridge of Glory and any offensive Light spells you might take in your active gifts.

  1. Noble Silver +10

    Easy recommendation for any build trying to make use of Light spells, boasting the highest Light scaling in the game. However it isn't the most effective at tanking damage with its fairly low defensive stats. Pair with Revenant's Ambition to be able to normal roll while using Wolf King's Blade/Zweihander.
  2. Winter Mantle +10

    Fat winter coat to keep the enemy's weapons (and the weather) from hitting your Revenant hard. Boasts a respectable Light scaling and offers a lot more in the terms of defense then Noble Silver. However even with Revenant's Ambition you will be slow rolling even with Oni Bane, the lightest of the Greatswords recommended.
  3. White Vestment +10

    Winter Mantle and White Vestment are very comparable, with the main differences being that Winter Mantle has more defense against slash/pierce and ice damage, while White Vestment covers crush and all other elemental damage types. Balance is slightly lower, but in turn its slightly lighter, not enough to escape slow rolling though.

Passive Gifts

Blood Code:
Deliverance "When an ally takes fatal damage, their HP is reduced to 1 and you take the remaining damage."

Ishtar's unique passive that is the crux of this build. Important to mention that this skill can't kill you, and that the damage you receive through it is of the same type the original damage source was (Ex. your ally taking lethal damage from fire will cause you to take fire damage instead).
Two-handed Sword Mastery

"Increases attack power when equipped with a two-handed sword"

If you decide to take a weapon that isn't a greatsword, swap this out for the correct weapon mastery, kinda a bread and butter passive for most builds.

Revenant's Ambition

"Allows you to equip heavier weapons and Blood Veils."

Skill simply ups your weight cap, really only recommend this if you're trying to fast roll on Wolf King's/Zweihander while wearing Noble Silver.

Improved Regeneration

"Increases the amount of HP restored by regeneration ability."

Makes you heal more when you use Regeneration, kinda a no brainer.


Strength Vitality Up

"Increases strength and vitality."

Our character is a little lacking in these stats and it allows us to have enough Vitality to take Cleansing Light, which helps in tanking away our allies damage.


Active Gifts

Bridge to Glory Placeholder Eos
Flame Barrage Placeholder  
Lightning Barrage Placeholder  
Cleansing Light Placeholder Queenslayer
Antibody Generation Placeholder Eos
Panacea's Essence Placeholder Eos
Regenerator Placeholder Eos
Blood Sacrifice Placeholder  


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