Deft Parry

Fully restores stamina when you parry an attack.
Tree Light
Gift Type Passive
Required Stats
Proficiency Requirement  Prometheus Vestige III

Deft Parry is a Passive Gift in Code Vein. Through Gifts, players may perform unique actions such as buffing and healing themselves and their Companions, debuffing Enemies or dealing direct damage to enemies. Gifts are acquired from obtaining different Blood Codes and by using the Mistle to Acquire/Inherit Gifts - a certain amount of Haze is needed to unlock your preferred Gift and have required stats in order to equip these.



Deft Parry Information

  • Fully restores stamina when you parry an attack.


Deft Parry Acquisition

  • This gift can be found in the Prometheus Blood Code.
  • You need to acquire Prometheus Vestige III in order to learn this gift.


Deft Parry Notes

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here




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