Cerdeath's 2H Glass Cannon Build

Blood Code:

-Queenslayer (Acquired after defeating The Queen's Knight in Memories of Player)
-Ichor: 20(40)
-Max Weight: 100

Blood Veil

-Noble Silver +10 + Fortification (Weight 24.2)


-Argent Wolf King's Blade +10 +Fortification (Weight 101.2)


-Final Journey (Queenslayer) (Light) (Immediately restores all HP and increases abilities, but kills you after a short time)
-Lightning Weapon (Mercury) (Light) (Temporarily adds lightning damage to your and your partner's current weapon)
-Cognitive Zeal (Medals) (Light) (Temporarily increases mind and willpower)
-Bridge to Glory (Eos) (Light) (Temporarily boosts attack power)
-Adrenaline (Fighter) (Light) (Temporarily increases the wielder's attack power for a brief period of time)
-Overdrive (Assassin) (Light) (Temporarily increases you and your companion's attack. The effect ends when you take damage)
-Dragon Lunge (Berserker) (While having a Two-Handed Hammer or Two-Handed Sword equipped, perform a dash forward followed by a powerful overhead attack)


-Swift Destruction (Hephaestus) (Light) (Increases damage dealt in proportion to your mobility)
-Two-handed Sword Mastery (Atlas) (Light) (Hephaestus) (Light) (Increases attack power when equipped with a two-handed sword)
-Strength Willpower Up (Scathach) (Light) (Increases strength and willpower)
-Strength Dexterity Up (Prometheus) (Light) (Increases strength and dexterity)

General Strategy

This build is centered around burst damage to the boss that you are facing against. Before you face the boss you want to have all of your buff gifts active (you can choose to not activate Overdrive until the burst window if you want). I mainly do this through using Ichor Concentrate, which the build requires 34 ichor to buff and an additional 6 for the Dragon Lunge gift. You start with 20 ichor and generally I use 3 ichor concentrate's and get the last 2 ichor through hitting the boss. The main focus of this build is centered around staggering the boss and then doling out a bunch of damage through Dragon Lunge. If done correctly when the boss staggers, usually around 60-70%, you would use Dragon Lunge on it and that usually brings it down to 5-10% and with 1-2 swings with your weapon it is dead before it's transitioned to it's 2nd phase. The regular swings of this build are about 10.5-11k depending on your level and Dragon Lunge does roughly 30k+ by itself. 

This build doesn't have much in the way of defense, so you want to be careful not to take any extra damage from the bosses if you can help it. The quick mobility that you get from Final Journey helps when trying to dodge incoming attacks.  

Passive Gifts

So the passives are all about getting to the stats that we need and just overall damage increases to our build. Two-handed Sword Mastery is of course a staple of running a 2H weapon. Strength Willpower Up, however is required for the build to get up to the right stats for all of the gifts. Swift Destruction actually comes out on top instead of assigning another Strength passive. Strength Dexterity Up can be swapped out for Strength/Vitality if you so desire. 

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    • Anonymous

      A much more improved but a much more dangerous version of this build is by swapping a few things out here in this build (only use this one if you are very confident about not getting hit period). 1.) Change out the strength and dexterity up passive and replace it with mind and willpower up. 2.) Swap out Lightning Weapon with Flashing Fang. 3.) Swap out Cognitive Zeal with Reckless Abandon (you need Luis for this). 4.) Swap out Restorative Offering with Blood Sacrifice. 5.) Activation order (from 20 ichor) is FF, BS, Overdrive and Adrenaline, BS, BTG, BS x2, FJ, BS x2, RA, BS, heal twice and you're good to go. Dragon Lunge will do up to 70k damage in one hit killing the beginning bosses on Enhanced difficulty x3, but fails to do so by mid-game. The strategy is simple, you don't run up and just do it because bosses have a 90% dmg reduction buff (not sure if it's 90... sounds right to me) at the start when they're doing their animations. All you gotta do is wait for the right time to use it and BAM! It's either dead or very close to dead.

      • Anonymous

        This isn't bad but there's already an improved version of it on youtube that can 1 shot the final boss with a skill and 2 shot it with heavy attacks.

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