Halberd Build

This build combines the fun and mobility of 1H Swords with an Alleviation transformed Impaler's excellent moveset, range, and damage. The Assassin's Sickle fully-charged Heavy Attack can be exploited to set yourself up for backstabs against distant enemies before or sometimes just as they aggro or to get a few time skips in some areas such as Blood Cathedral.


Passive Gifts


Halberd Mastery: This will passively buff your Halberd damage at all times. Always keep this slotted unless you decide to switch to another weapon type.


Swift Destruction: At light Mobility, even without Final Journey activated this guarantees a 20% damage bonus active at all times.


Mind/Willpower up: Allows usage of Bridge to Glory if slotted while providing slight perks from having an increased Mind and Willpower.


Revenant's Ambition: Lets you stay on light Mobility with the Impaler with this build while allowing you to equip other heavy equipment with a smaller mobility loss when applicable.


Active Gifts


Bridge to Glory:  One of the strongest self-buffs in the game. This is the reason why we've slotted the passive. Keep this up at all times when Adrenaline isn't enough.


Adrenaline: Provides a slight increase to your damage at a long duration, low ichor cost and very fast cast time. It can be replaced with Overdrive or Elemental Weapon depending on your needs. However, Overdrive will break with any source of damage done to yourself. Elemental Weapon can be much stronger than both depending on target Resistance but has a brief duration.


Circulating Pulse:  This weapon art Gift can close very small gaps between your target and deal a lot of damage. You can be damaged and even interrupted while it is active so wait for a window.


Chariot Charge: Does slightly less damage than Circulating Pulse but it has a much longer range while maintaining excellent tracking. Like CP, you can be punished if not used with a window.


Final Journey: Final Journey increases all your parameters and damage while fully healing you. The timer before death can be increased to approximately five minutes with Gift Extension. This allows you a large window to activate it even before bosses or when there's a mistle you can reach. Use Final Journey after restoring your Ichor with Blood Sacrifice for even more efficiency.


Gift Extension: Increases the duration of all your buffs and of your partners. At 10 Ichor it has a hefty cost, so it is better used when Ichor is plentiful or before extended fights. 


Cleansing Light: This restores the vast majority of damage taken overtime even while self-afflicted. Fresh damage taken will cause the restoration to adjust to your current HP amount. Paired up with Blood Sacrifice this allows plenty of Gift usage even while Ichor is scarce while boosting your survivability.


Blood Sacrifice: Allows you to sacrifice HP to keep Bridge to Glory and your other buffs active. 






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